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Fall 2005 Reaper Mini Exchange

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Not got my assignment yet, but have my fingers crossed it will arrive soon :rolleyes:




I'm a newbie to this forum. I thought I'd post my interests to maybe help my painting partner. I hope this is OK.


I like horror figures - anything that could be used in a modern setting. Faceless horrors, floating eyes, demons, devils, frogs, beetles and insects, elementals, naga, rats, snakes, tigers, giant flys, ghouls, ghosts, cthulhu-esq things of the night. Nasty things that you could find in the jungle would be very very interesting. Not so keen on orcs and things with swords or wizards, but I do quite like dwarfs. Pirates are fun, too.


Some of my painted figs are here: http://www.displacedminiatures.com/cyan/galleries.aspx


All the best,


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Okay, I'll try to help out whomever is stuck with me as a prior post mentioned it might be helpful. I like female figures, typically of human, elven, or dwarven species. I also like Succubi (is that the right plural) like Sophie. Not a huge fan of bare breasts, but scantily clad is not bothersome. I just display them, don't play with them (unless you count staring at them.....). Anyway, I'm sure anything my partner makes for me will be lovely and I'll be quite fond of it, even if they decide I need something strange like a gnoll or mummy or some monster-like creature!

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