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Fall 2005 Reaper Mini Exchange

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I keep my purchases to less than $20 or so at a time, with the odd dragon or box set a couple times a year. That, coupled with the fact that I have hundreds or thousands of unpainted minis in the basement lets it all fly in under the radar.


j/k - we each have our hobbies, and carte blanche for a reasonable amount of spending. That way, she doesn't hassle me about my lead addiction, and I don't say anything about her scrapbooking.

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Hubby used to comment about the number of bags I brought home or the packages I would get in the mail. Until he got his own hobbies. Then he got very, very quiet. ::D:


He does model trains and fishes. I do lots of little hobbies. But the funny thing is that his model trains and my habit of making miniatures work well together. We don't share tools tho - that would just be wrong, wrong, wrong!

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We don't share tools tho - that would just be wrong, wrong, wrong!

I've tried to explain this to my wife when she snags all my pliers for beading.

She has her own, but likes mine better.


She has the uncanny knack of taking the exact tool I want for a specific task a minute before I need it.


We're also so grossly off topic. We should try to return to the topic at hand, else we'll be culled from the herd and moved into off-topic.

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I'm in pretty much the same place as you warlord. I'm bringing it with camping this weekend to see if inspiration strikes while out communing with nature. Or after a few stiff drinks. Either way.


As much as I like painting outside, the lack of direct light source sux. ::P:

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