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question of scale


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Basically, I am looking to find out how the following compare with Warlord minis in terms of scale:

  • Hasslefree (fantasy) dwarfs,
  • Games Workshop Empire/Brettonian(?) Wizards,
  • GW dwarfs
  • i-kore/Celtos druid type wizard guys
  • any other general fantasy type minis you can think of

Basically, I don't have any of those at this time and I had someone ask me, so I figured who better to ask than the peeps here...


Thanks for any input you can provide...


Oh, and please make your answers in lamens terms, pleae dont make me do a bunch of math to figure it out. Thanks again.

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hasselfree's dwarfs (the best there are, if yo ask me) are waht i like to think of as the "right size" -they are comparable to DH minis, and maybe just a tad smaller than warlord dwarfs (a "tad" being a unit of measure exactly 3/5th's of a "skotche", and roughly 2 1/2 times a "hair")

but remember that warlord elves are taller than DH human barbarians, so YMMV.

(they can say all the C^@p they want to about comparable scales between the two mini lines, but why did everything warlord suddenly jump in size so my dwarfs are looking eye level with my dark heaven elves. they just HAD to make them that much more "herioc" for the tabletop.)

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Warlord is a smidge bigger than GW, I think. I was just comparing the Warlord mercenary women to several Dark Heaven women; they're the same height as Bobby Jackson's Blademaidens of Ritterlich, taller than several Garrity sculpts, and somewhat shorter than Klocke's Monique De Noir. The same miniature was about half a head taller than a Necromunda pit-slave and not as heavyset; all my old Eldar (90's) stared at her chin, except for a lucky harlequin whos eye-level was more fortuitous or embarrassing depending on the situation.


So warlord grunts are not especially disproportionate to Dark Heaven depending on the DH miniature you're talking about, but a bit taller than GW.

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