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Hey all,


This guy was an exercise in glazes, washes and "clean" drybrushing. I started out priming in black, then zenith priming with spray white and then cleaning things up with thinned Ti tube white. I wanted to retain the shading of the primers so I used washes of different shades of green in thin layers - more like glazes actually. The parts closer to the flame were glazed with a yellow-green, and then shadows were jade green and forest green. I kept the glazes wet and worked up from the bottom of the snake body so the successive lighter glazes could mix downwards and not get polluted by darker glazes on the highlights. the trick was to use just enough paint to cover but not so much it ran. That way I could wet blend the glazes at the transition points.


After the green was dried, I shaded upwards from the bottom with tube burnt Umber away from the flame and some burnt sienna near the flame. The burnt sienna is orangy so it makes a nice flame-lit shadow. I did a few glazes to make shadows. The Burnt Umber is reddish and adds a nice warmth to the shadows.


When that was all dry I carfully drybrushed the scales with the yellow-green, mixed with some yellow. Closer to the flame I used more yellow and a touch of Ti white. The drybrushing used brushstrokes similar to edge highlighting in that I pulled the brush with the hairs perpendicular to the scale edges. In some spots I was more sloppy but I had to watch the scales on the snake back as they have good definition.


When the highlights were done I added the patterning with a simple glaze of Adikolor Scortea (sama as Cobra leather, snakebite. raw sienna etc.). I left holes in the patterns so green scales showed and made sure I was painting scales fully and not leaving some half green-half brown. The highlights were done with scortea and white mix, then glazed with burnt umber and re-highlighted.


The shield was done with metallics but painted so it appears to be reflecting the light from the brazier. The part near the light is done with a thin layer of bronze and further from the light with Adikolor burnished copper (AKA tin bitz). I did it the same as the snake body with the thin glazes and blending. When dry I highlighted with shining gold, pretending like I wash doing NMM. It helped to turn off my desk lamp and use ambient light as the direct reflections disappeared and I could see the actual paint. I added a couple glazes of brown ink and a touch of chestnut near the edge closes to the flame.


The base is simply done in gray with highlights of orange and yellow, glazed down with burnt umber and black, then re-highlighted and glazed a couple of times. Same with the pillar. The flame was primed white and glazed lightlity with yellow and reds and the edges done with black+red. The brazier is beaten copper with washes of brown ink.


The belly scales were tricky, but not too bad. They were done with tube burnt sienna and yellow. Mostly it was glaze dark part, then glaze light, back and forth until the transition between them was removed. The tube B. sienna was useful for getting the orange transition. The edges are mostly just yellow and some white. The dark recess is burnt umber + black.


That is pretty much it. He took around 8 hours to paint with 2 hours prep and breaks time for drying. Not bad for a day with nothing else to do.


I put him with the knight to show the size difference as he really is a big boy. The shield will block pretty much everything and the sword is almost as long as the knight is tall.








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Now that that's out of the way, absolutely wonderful. I love the way the belly and chest plates look.


I won't even mention the obscene amount of detail in the regular scales.


And your highlighting to show the light from the fire is beyond words.


k - I've gushed enough.

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Stunning Elouchard, fantastic job :blink:


That's an insane amount of scales to paint :wacko:


You lighting effect is again top notch. I realize this is a large mini, but do you think you could post a close up shot from the bottom of the shield to the top of the sword to get a better look at it?


Great job and the flame and the base. Thanks for sharing.

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Amazing work! Ten hours of work...I am lucky to basecoat a mini and get a decent face in that time frame ::D: A real inspiration. That poor crusader doesn't look like he even had time to change after taking out the griffon! I can't wait to see The Hunter...

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now that is one fat snake... what did he eat... a dragon... LOL

Wow... what an amazing job! I love the belly scales, fantasitic detail! Great shading and hightlighting. Excleeing use of black shadows while still bringing up the colors.

The design on the top scales if awsome. I've working with trying to do snake scale designs, but the figures never seem to be able so support it. This one does.. and you did a fabulous job on it... hats off!

The shild is wonderful! Great shadows!

Excellent job!

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