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Asha's Done


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For those who know me, I've been working on this project for awhile. The world is a small place, where my miniatures friend Bill, suddenly found out the dancer he's been drumming for for the past year, is my teacher and dance troupe leader from about 15 years ago. We'll be having a huge How We Did This on my website eventually (after Games Day Chicago), but if you check out the original JJ Models, you'll find we did a heck of a conversion on her to make her as similar to the real dancer who would be receiving this for her Birthday today.


She's a HUGE model, but was fun working on, knowing it was for a friend to a dear old friend. We took out the dangling jewelry on the forehead and added bangs, lengthened the back of her hair, added a back panel skirt, filed and filled in the garters and join mid thigh, and we worked from numerous pictures to create the right eye/hair/skin/birthmarks, tattoos, etc. Then we had Jeff Wilhelm make a custom base for us from dark stained cherry, but we mismeasured because we didn't include the front panel. <shrug> Still, we think she looks good!


Enjoy! :bday:


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Wait, that's not a real girl? So should I not ask you for her phone number?

Welll...she is based on a real woman (not girl!), and I'd give you her phone number, but about 10 people would wack me in the head for giving out personal info to "strangers"!


Here's a teaser. :devil:


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