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20 new undead


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I have made another update on my webpage. I placed 23 more figures up on the new page (this tallies up to around 60 figures since April!)


The link is HERE.


My favs of the bunch are:









Also - I am not sure who manufactured the "unknown" labeled figures. If anyone has any input, please let me know.

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Nice clean work on one and all. I might humbly suggest they get a bit of additional highlighting, but the camera always seems to not reproduce the highlights quite as well as in person. I might suggest a bit of weathering on the cloak of the skellie, but that is strictly personal preference. Keep 'em coming!



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That skeleton looks nice... very good bones...

The gnoll zombie is also really good.. scary... good colors and the weapons look nice and old. Nice shadows on the mage... good highlights. The staff doesn't look like it's in his hand though. You might want to go back and paint in just a piece of it in his palm... make it more part of him. Very good bases on all of them.

You might want to increase your depth of field on your camera. The pics are a bit blurry.... also, add more light.

Great job!

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