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GW Goblin Launcher


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When I saw this mini in the store, I had to just chuckle, the whole concept of flinging worthless little goblins is a cut up.

This took me about a month, maybe more to paint, with alot of breaks and downtimes. However, being a normally impatient painter, I really tried to push myself. So far, this is not only the biggest project I've done, but the best paint job and base as well. For once, I have a mini that I wouldn't be ashamed to put up on COMON. The base is hand made and took me almost as much time and effort as the mini's themselves. It's kind of a unit tray, but heavily modified and a whole lot more work.

Here is the overall diarama, and I apologize for my lack of photo-fu..



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Flinging Goblins is fun... until your poor Ogre comes down with a nasty case of pitcher's elbow and has to be benched for half the season to recover his game...but I will digress as I often do.


I like what you did with the grass and rocky clay terrain, but what really kicks it up is the flight-stem on the flyer.


"Did I just hear one of 'em say 'Whee'?"

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