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New Greens. 07/26/05


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I've seen a metal chevalier in person and am looking forward to painting a few up... good stuff... Bob's chiccie poo is tres cool... haven't seen it in person yet... the rest... all good stuff... must - get - to - Reaper - Soooon!!!

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I have a question about the overlord. Is he going to be seperateable from the horse or like the dwarven bear rider attached. I hope seperatable, I have been waiting for mounted overlords and crusaders to put on griffons, pegasi, and other baddies, so dont pull a fast one on me and make it part of the horse!!!

Just repeating what I heard the sculptors say at Origins, that they will be cast as one piece (the arm might be separate). Like the new mounted vampire warlord figure (I think is one with his horse) Of course it's just hearsay, maybe a ReaperPeep can come on and confirm or deny...


debby ^_^

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"He's cast on the horse with separate limbs"


:( Ok now that you have broken my heart please at least make the crusader mounted guys seperate, I have been waiting a year or so to add them to plastic pegasi. Don't make a grown man cry, alright?

prepare to cry...I think we're seeing a trend here with the mounted Warlords.


debby -_-

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  • Reaper User

Re: casting the model on the horse instead of off, we know it limits conversion possibilities, but remember it also keeps the price lower. ::): Reaper is always highly conscious that our customers look to us to be competitive in pricing, and we don't want to gouge them! As it is, the cavalry models are doomed to be a little more because of the all-metal horses. Knowing that, we would rather make the model a little more affordable.


--Anne ::):

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For those interested in just horses, We already have a few horse in Dark Heaven that are available separate from their rider.


2001 has an undead horse,

2020 also has an undead horse

2361 also also has an undead horse

14149 also also also . . Undead horse.


2357 has a horse with no barding, just a blanket (So you can DIY or have a plain horse)


2300/2346 have a horse with tack


2335/2239/2261/2273 also have a horse with tack.


Also, each of our Unicorns is a horse once you file off the horn



And if you are willing to greenstuff-fill the the holes in the back, our pegasi (pegasuses? Pegasix?) are horses.



and the Alicorn, who requires both de-hornify-ing and filling in.



I know that at least some of the future Warlord models will be available as horse with no rider, but again, adding the rider as one pice helps us keep costs down for you.

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Never underestimate looking through the Boneyard. There are several separate horses and riders there, including the original Reaper's of the Apocalypse.


I think the old Anhurian calvary pieces were separate.


2239 - female archer

2261 - male fighter

2273 - male archer

2294 - dwarven fighter on bear

2300 - male lancer

2357 - highlander calvary


And those are just in the Discontinued Minis area.


The Boneyard is your friend.

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