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Cobart, Mage... by Bobby Jackson


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Hi guys...I´ve managed to get a new camera and I´m taking pics of some "old" minis I haven´t posted yet (mainly cause the pics I had were not very good)...


Here you have the first one: Cobart a Mage by Bobby Jackson.


This was the first (and only) mini I´ve painted using yellow as main color...







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Good looking yellow rbs_madrid, nothing wrong with that. Nice highlighting, and lots of details to look at. I like the free hand on the book. My only thing is the base looks undone. I'm one for a black base, just my 2 cents :-)


Great job, thanks for sharing.

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I like the yellow, nice highlights and shadows. True sun priest this guy. The book looks great too. His face looks kinda swollen... but that is the sculpt. Nice details on the orange and the belt. I do think the base pulls away from the mini though... not sure what you could have done.. maybe less green... hmmm

Very nice job..

and the photography looks great too.

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Thanks guys for your comments...


My only thing is the base looks undone


I might suggest glazing the skin to make the transitions between colors a bit less abrupt


You are right...the the problem with the base is that I don´t know if I´ll be able to unglue the mini without damaging hids bottom back area of the mini and about the face, well I painted him some time ago, before knowing the advantages of some of the more usefull painting techniques (like glazing).... ::P:

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