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It looks really bad.  See my previous post.

Actually, I finally got ahold of some Reaper hex bases.  At first I noticed that the leg made the figure too high to sit on the base.  However, buy gluing a nickel between the fig and the base, I covers the gap nicely.  Now I just glue a nail in one of the rear corners and we're all set.


All in all, it looks pretty good.

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You can mount the Scorpion and Spider on hex bases, but it takes a little work and I can't comment on how it looks.

I do.  And, it looks great!

<You see, I prefere all of my miniatures based.  It's an aesthetics thing...>


Here's what you need:

1 Reaper Hex Base.  The Scorpion doesn't come with one...  But, my Spider did... So, you may have to purchase one seperately.  Check your blister first.

1 small Plastic Base.  This can be of the round GW variety.  Or, it could be of the hex Heavy Gear/ Gropos kind.  I prefere the hex from Heavy Gear as it fills the Reaper base nicely.


Glue the smaller base into the Reaper base.  This will produce a slight elevated area where you can pin and glue the Scorpion/ Spider.


Here's kind of what it looks like when you're done:


Pic 1

Pic 2



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