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The Smurfs!


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Sorry Matt, Lanse made me do it ::D:




Okay, well he asked. That's like the same thing for me though for something like this. ^_^ If it's any consolation, at least you know just how adaptable R.A.G.E. can be now. We can start a whole line of 80's retro toy/cartoon armies.


Master of the Universe


GI Joe

Care Bears

Rainbow Brite

Strawberry Shortcake




It can just go one forever ::D:

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hehe watch that skit when it aired on snl.

I was, well actually I still am, a big smuf fan. I used the collect the little rubbery miniatures they released and still release (not sure if the make these in the US, I bought them in germany) every year.

Now you know my dark smurfing secret ::D:

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How about a Weeble army?


Special Abilities: They wobble, but they don't fall down.





And if you consider the Smurfs, let's not forget the Snorks. No, on second thought, let's do.

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