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Moving day is nearly upon us!


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Yep, it's almost here. The packers will be here tomorrow morning, and the truck will be loaded tomorrow and Friday. Don't know if I'm going to get back in here before the computer gets boxed up, so I thought I'd just pop in.


The driver actually stopped by today to take a look at stuff. He said he may be a bit short on space, but if the packers pack thing tight enough we should be able to get it all in. That was stress I did NOT need right now . . . :wacko: Fortunately, we were quoted out with the washer and dryer being moved, which it's not, so I'm hoping that will make enough room for eveything else. There are times when having a mover is actually MORE stressful . . .


Anyway, if I don't check in again before I go, I'll see everyone again in about a week, maybe sooner.

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