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The Tale of the Five (OOC Discussion)


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Hi all.


Well, the dice-rolling itch is getting too much, so have to scratch it.


My perfect idea would be to start a small scale DnD (3.5) game that will be posting 3/week. I am going to be using the DnD 3.5 edition books printed by Wizards of the Coast. You can also read the system provided by going to The d20 SRD online.


My perfect players will have a working knowledge of the DnD system, and willingness to post at least two paragraphs each posting. If, in the case of conversations they want to make quick little posts, or a combination posting then that will be welcomed. I am avoiding at all costs one-sentence postings or long breaks between postings. I am also looking for clear, well written postings that, should you need to, you will explain your action in the OOC thread.


The perfect alignments would be those that are willing to help out the other players, and random people. They can differ in their idiologies and their methods, but I do not want 'casual killers' or out-right Evil characters.


My perfect classes would be those commonly seen in a 'classic' DnD setting (ie: The ones from the main book) If you want to play a druid or some such, easily done. The planned game will have extensive forests nearby.


I am willing to have any races you want, with two limitations: I would prefer mostly Humans in the game, and No Gnomes. I do not like them, and they have no 'niche' that cannot be filled by the other 'short' races.


I am looking for a total of 4 people for this game. And I am looking to keep the number of 'extras' down. (Followers, familiars, Animal Companions, etcetera) to avoid 'Party Bloat' where the DM as to remember about everything and everyone.


The characters will start at 1st level with rolled gold. And you must pay for your equipment. Since even Masterwork items start at about 300GP, you will most likely not have anything like that in the beginning.


The game will be beginning in a small Human hamlet of Apple in a classic Human Kingdom (Details coming later). Your characters can be from that town (pop ~250) or from someplace else. Before you ask, yes, this will be completly seperate from The Darakan Chronicles in another world (Heavily influenced by my tabletop game world)


Best Case Senario I start postings next monday (8-01-05), so PM me if you're interested in this game or have further questions. I will post addendums to this posting later on.



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Hey there.


Glad to know there's sudden interest in the game. I have a small list of questions that were given to me via PM from Quicksilver.


I have a couple of questions.


Character creation

1. Ability score generation - Point buy, 4d6 drop the low, etc?


Ability scores I (should) make point-buy, but I don’t have the rules before me to just type them up. If I see four 17’s and two 18’s, I’m calling bull*^ I’ll research the point-buy system tonight and post it.


2. Amount of fluff you would want for the character.


Characters should have the basics. Where are you from, what do you do as your normal day, do you have any real hatreds and the like. Otherwise, fill it in as we go along.


3. If I am playing a non-human, e.g. a half elf. Is this a common enough race that the person might come from Apple with such a small population or would there need to be a reason made for them being there?


Half-Elves are rare, but not unheard of. As for being there, you can be just traveling through when the hand of fate grabs you and yanks you around.


4. How much magic (arcane/divine) is there in the world. Would a wizard or cleric be considered EXTREMELY rare, unusual but not remarkable, or commonplace?


Magic is rare, but not unheard of. Maybe 1% of the population can do something, and a tenth of those can be called ‘Magic User’. Clerics are a little more common, with each village having at least an apothecary (non-magical healer) who can patch and bandage people up.


5. What kind of equipment would we be able to purchase with our starting money. Are there any limits beyond the Equipment lists in the core rulebook?


I can’t think of any limits as I type this up on your spending ability, but I do reserve veto rights on anything I find silly. (No rat-flails) the basic clothes on your back you can have. And socks. I would stick to the Equipment lists in the basic PHB.


6. How will absences be handled? For example, I will be away the 2nd week of August (6-13) as well as Gen Con weekend.


Absences I can cover for a little while, or let someone else post for you. If you’re gone for a month or so, then we’ll figure something out.


7. Timezone issues. If people are posting at 9PM your time, chances are, I am in bed asleep already here in MA and would not be responding until later the next day. Would this become an issue?


I usually post in the evening my time, taking about an hour or so to make dice rolls and such like that. So it’s quite possible the East Coast people won’t see my posting until the next morning. As long as you make a posting (of some sort) before I post again, that will be fine. I usually read postings, understand what I’m reading, and then make rolls…



More questions? Sock'm to me, baby!




*edited because the quotes I had around QS's questions completely bombed...*

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I'm in...


Dwarf barbarian (berserker).


Oskarr Stonebreaker


I've never played a dwarf.


I don't have any of the 3.5 books, sorry LSH.


What will the Campaign Setting be? Tough to write up a background bio without knowing where we are... ::):


I'll roll up a basic PC and PM LSH this weekend with the information.


Is a dwarf okay? Can ye all help me with 3.5 stuffs?


LSH is telling a story!

LSH is telling a story!

LSH is telling a story!

LSH is telling a story!




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Hey there.


Playing a Dwarf is easy. In my games, I usually use German as a good substitute for Dwarven (The sound if it is very in mind for what I see for Dwarves). The Dwarves in my games live in the mountains to the general north-east of the continent. You can be down for any reasons I can think of.


If you do him with two points spent in literacy, he could be a skirmisher, or heavy assault troop, but what you do with him is up to you.


I see Stern's interested, as well as CuCulain42, Qywksilver, and Ghost Rider. If you four are the ones to be in this, roll me some characters.


As far as I know. Barbarians didn't change much in the 3.5 edition, so you should be fine. If you were to be a Ranger, I know they got severly changed.



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Sure we'll help you SK. Not a problem.


LSH, Do you want us communicating with eachother as to what are characters are prior to gameplay or is this a hush-hush character gen?

Feel free to discuss what you want to do in the game on this thread (which will be renamed soon).


Frosch, I could see making room for you in this if you wanted. That would make a totak of 5 people.



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Dang..wish I'd known about this sooner so I could offer the services of Ilde (as first level of course). She's a complicated barbarian..


You're a good GM, and I enjoyed reading your share of TDC. If you ever need a skilled stunt-double or disposable NPC, gimme a shout. Ya know where I'm @.

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Glads ter have ye along Frosh!


I've got Oskarr rolled up.


After getting it cleared with LSH, I'm happy to announce I'll be playing a Dwarven Berserker named Oskarr. YES!


The Berserker is a figther sub-class (basically a figther with a barbaric edge to him). "Battlerager" is the dwarven term for them. He has the ability to enrage 1x day/ per level. Enrage is basically like a watered down version of barbarian rage.


While Enraged: +2 to hit +2 damage +2 to AC +15 hp (only while enraged, after which they disappear possibly killing the player)


While Enraged: Immune to Sleep, Stun, Charm, Hold, Fear, Imprisonment, Maze type magics.


After Enraged: -2 to hit -2 damage -2 AC


Battlerager cannot specialize in ranged weapons.


I've rolled up the character and will post him here after I PM him to LSH for approval.


I'll have him in town collecting supplies before returning to his clan's mountain village. Someone recently stole his pack mule while he was making his way down the mountain so he's a bit cranky.


"Tryin' ter figger' out hew' stull me dernky... (grumble, grumble, mumble)


Think Yosemity Sam, but with a full length yellow beard, matching hand axes, and a mohawk.



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  • Moderator

Here's my idea.




Essieu Rose, Halfling bard. Itinerant performer who lutes his way through the countryside. He tends to dress rather outlandishly, and swears in whatever the local equivalent is to French. He'll be in town giving performances and corrupting the youth from blind acceptance of what their elders tell them.

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