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The Tale of the Five (OOC Discussion)

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My concept: Rul Bauschlosser, dwarven rogue...err security consultant. Started life training as a lock smith, but wanderlust and greed drove him into adventuring. Tends to be a bit self centered, but when it matters his good heart shows.

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I haven't worked too much on my character because that's weekend work. I do have the concept sketch however.


Male half elven rogue. Not your first edition daddy's thief however. I will be running him close to the new character class in Complete Adventurer, the Scout. Hopefully my rolls will work out, but I intend for him to be leaning more into the intelligence (Mama always said I should learn more than just my letters if I wanted to be somebody) and Charisma (he may not realize it, but the elven heritage is making the ladies swoon, even if he thinks he's an outsider). Bored, tired of village life, and not fitting in, he wants to see the world. The village is too constrictive and he needs to get out. It's smothering him. He's tired of chores and knowing that his future will be minding the shop if he's lucky, or working in the fields if he isn't. So, he's going to grab his best knife and a stout club and make something of himself. He'll be as young as a starting 1/2 elf can be. He won't be full of teenage angst, and he will not be an absolute hayseed. He'll be a boy on the verge of becoming a man and wanting to prove his worth to the world.


Finding a few other folks and going on an adventure sounds like a blast. Can I come?

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So, as the party begins to take shape it looks like we're a group of non-humans... that lack the abiity to heal themselves. :unsure:


Two dwarves (one rogue/ one barbarian)


A halfling (bard)


And a half-elf (rogue)


Glen, what is your PC looking like?


What about a healer?


I liked Frosch as a pally myself, rather than a bard.


Maybe a cleric Glen?


SK, thinking out loud




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I can just as easily become human too. In fact, I still haven't decided completely on the race. Human would be a lot less cumbersome for backstory, and an extra feat and skill points is definitely an advantage for my character. Half elf lends itself towards his feelings of being an outsider and wanting to get away and see the world (you don't need pointy ears AND peach fuzz for this to happen though).


Bards are fairly effective healers as long as they learn Cure Light Wounds, since they can cast spontaneously. Besides, it just means we'll have to fight smarter, or hole up and lick our wounds for a day or two if need be.


And Lanse and I can both get ranks in Use Magic Device and play with Clerics in a Stick (eventually).

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I agree w/ LSH. I want everyone to play what they want... We'll have fun whether we have a healer or not. ::):


I did not know bards could cast healing magic.


Anyway, I post Oskarr's PC sheet later on.


GR- A human healer would be cool, but play what you want bro! :B):


Question: I was checking out some 3.5 barbarian class stuff with the link LSH provided. (Very useful BTW) Is Trap Sense something new in 3.5? I also do not remember Indomitable Will in 3rd Ed.




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And Lanse and I can both get ranks in Use Magic Device and play with Clerics in a Stick (eventually).

You forgot one, though I may not be as good as you prettier fellers.

Put you said you were a Locksmith. What would a Locksmith know about magic?


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