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The Tale of the Five (OOC Discussion)


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Just a quick translation from my response to E's addition to her post. ::):


"Der einzige gute Feind ist ein totes." translates to "The only good enemy is a dead one."

I actually guessed that from the context in the post. :) Not to mention German is one of the few languages that while I cannot write it, I can read small amounts of it without training. I have a special gift apparently. The same goes with French. I learned Spanish and can read and write that alright with some difficulty. I'm trying slowly to learn Hebrew. I have some Latin background which helps with reading romance languages without accessing a dictionary. ::D:


I added another posting also. Now I'm going to wait for LSH to work his magic. ::D:

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Hi all.


Unfortunatly, I don't like saying 'but it's crap', but this time it is. I also hate saying 'I'm sorry' all the time, so I shall instead say 'thank you for your patience as our patented typography machine is having difficulties interfacing with our Muse'.


I'll try for friday for you all...


--LSH, ham-fisted typing monkey

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