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The Tale of the Five (OOC Discussion)


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Well, it's time to face facts.


What I thought would be enough free time to work on postings has become scarce, indeed. I am going to have to put the game on hold until I can either create more hours in the day, or less [email protected] I have to deal with on a daily basis.


I'm pretty bummed about this, as I have this great, rich world that we usually play my tabletop game in, and the fates have once again conspired against me on this one.



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From everything I have seen so far, and all the fantastic reports I've heard about you as a GM...



I'm more than willing to wait LSH.



<Roderick pushes the || button and everything freezes, waiting for the return of 'He who created this world and describes our environment so that we may interact in a pleasing way within the roles we are playing'>


Roderick stops to think for a second, which seems like an eternity since all he can now do is sit and think now. "That's way too friggen long a name. Let's just call him LSH!" :poke:


It'll get better.

And when it does.


We'll still be here. Since the remote fell under the sofa cushion. And since we can't move it's not like we can push the Pause button again since we're all frozen in time, so if you don't come back we'll never get to do anything but sit here until we decay and turn into dust which is much longer for the elf and dwarves.


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