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The Tale of the Five (OOC Discussion)

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LSH, how do you want us to handle requests for skill checks, and how will they be handled? Do you want us to post here with an indication of what we wanted to do, via PM, or in [OOC: request] within our text responses.


e.g. Is Roderick aware of the significance of the red sashes, either by having overheard anything while hanging out in the tavern, or just through his general knowledge of the town, and what has been going on of late. Not sure if this should really be a Knowledge - Local, or the results of a Gather Information.

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It would be a Knowledge: Local roll. All rolls are made by me, and if I'm lucky to remember, I'll post what the dice rolled were...


Since I don't have my dice with me at work today, I'll have to wait until at least I get home this evening, in a touch under 6 long hours from now.



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Just go to the Wizards of the Coast site here and click on the dice. You can type in how many of what kind of dice you want, and it will randomly generate and add the sum up for you.


Just in case you ever want to do something and don't have dice, but have a computer. ::D:

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Sorry guys, was out of town over the weekend and have been extremely swamped.


I would like to play but the last minute things that have popped up on me may prevent me.


If someone else wants my spot and it's ok with all involved they can take over.


Sorry guys, but, real life foils plans once again

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I think I had already mentioned as well when I first signed up. I will be on vacation from 8/6 until 8/13, and then will be away as well on the 18th - 21st for Gen Con.


I'll be at work all day on Friday, and will give you an idea of what I would do based on what goes on until then.

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