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Skeletal Pirates!

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Those look great!! I think you may have outdone me. :grr:


I love the hats, did you make them from green stuff, My tri corner hats always frustrate the heck out of me. Your's look so good they could have been run off an assembly line.


It's good to know my humble figs inspired your great looking ones.


Looking forward to the rest of yours.

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All the conversion was done with greenstuff.


Making the hat is actually really easy. Take a blob of putty about half the diameter of a pea, and squish it out into a disc. Smush it onto the skelly's head, tool up a headband if you want, and then just bend the disc up at the 10, 2, and 6 o'clock positions. If you look carefully, you'll probably still be able to see my fingerprints in them.

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I love these guys ... great job on the GS conversion Herr Oberfroschmeister ::D:


When I try to do anything with GS it's like trying to sculpt with bubble gum .. I can use it for base work, but anything detailed I'm outt a my league :-)


Hat off, er on to you man ... thanks for the insperation ::D:

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