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Minis We'd like to see

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This is the new thread for minis we would like to see.


as the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.


Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness will be removed.


thank you

Minis We’d Like To See: Thread Two


Began Feb 15 2005, Closed July 9, 2005, 31 pages of posts




1/2 fiends or 1/2 dragons?


25mm non-holiday sophie.




African influenced characters






Arabian type warriors like in prince of persia computer game


Aztec priestess




Bagpipers for the warlord dwarves




Bebilith (big demon spider)


Beer elemental!!!


Better wraiths.


Better zombies


Bigger dire bear with a couple non normal bear items on him.


Brahma bull


Carniverous, plants.








Characters who are scared, weak, hiding or running way


City guard (at least 3 poses)




Cultists (at least 3 different poses)


Cultists in robes, either armed or praying or both.


Different merchants that would sell different items


Dire badger


Dire shark


Dire weasel


Dire wolves


Doppelganger: gangly, almost-featureless figure


Drunken master monk.


Dryad: slender, angular limbs, and leaves in place of hair


Dwarf with a receding hairline.


Dwarven women with beards


Dwarves riding mountain goat/ram


Egyptian chariot with non-undead


Elf in a knight's armor.


Elk, stags, bongos, oxen


Elven king.


Fairies with more fantastic wings


Female dryads (a series, some in almost dancing girl form, some shapeshifting, some fully shapeshifted into tree creature form).


Female half orc barbarian


female sorceress with pants


Fiendish treant/treeman


Figures with arm mounted crossbows


Finely coiffed poodle


Frost elves






Giant clockwork dragon


Giant rats


Giant satyr with antlers holding a trident in one hand, and pan-pipes in the other.


Giant wasp (about the scale of a real wasp, perfect for 25mm figures)


Giant woman holding a magical staff with butterfly wings on.




Gnome cleric




Good human female clerics...or at least females with maces




Grungy, dirty, generally nasty men that could be used as brigands, or just dirty thugs in the bar.


Guard dog types in spiked collars. Rottwiellers, dobermans, german shepards, those types.


Gypsies, including gypsie men with baggy pants and scimitars




Halfling riding a dog or some other small animal


Halfling taking a smoke of pipeweed.


Halflings or elves riding dinosaurs




Half-orc paladins and clerics


Harpy: cruel, hag-faced, wings, skinny arms with wicked claws, and hooked bird-of-prey talons


Head of vecna.








Human fighters in chain mail rather than just 1/2 plate


Human fighters with different weapons, such as axes, flails, and maces.


Humorous figures




Jungle hero types, male and female.




Kraken/giant squid








Mind flayer monk or assassin






Monk dwarf.


Monkeys with fezzes.




Moose and stag


More illithids


More kobolds


More normal animals. Moose, cows, giraffe, crocs.








Non-human adventurer types of different character classes


Oozes and puddings


Orc queen: bald


Plump gypsy girl dancing


Purple worm (like the discontinued cavern worm, but a full-body version)




Razor pendulum; a clockwork eviserator;


Religious fanatics with big weapons.


Rust monster


Rust monster.


Sci-fi minis


Semi-cybernetic fantasy characters


Shadow mastiff: a big, muscular dog, but smooth, sleek, and evil-looking


Shambling mound






Snake/fishmen like the naga in world of warcraft


Snow trolls


Some bald half-orcs.


Spiderlegged goatskull


steam golemscarrion crawler.


Summoned monster packs i, ii, iii ,... , ix.


Teddy roosevelt riding on a grizzly bear, a revolver in each hand, the bear's reins in his teeth, and wearing a hat, high boots, suspenders, but no shirt.


Thieves guild grandmaster/guildmaster


Thri-kreen/mantis warrior


Tinker gnome


Treant saplings


Undead shadows


Updated illithid (thin, lanky, and sinister with long tentacles)


Viking berserkers (bear cape, otherwise almost naked cept loincloth with weapon in each hand and nasty drooling snarl)


Voodoo-doll mini of derek schubert?


War dogs


Warforged minis..






Wild elves or elven barbarians


Wizards with fezzes.


Wolf mounted goblins




Yuan -ti that are in their human form


Zombie monsters

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Top Posters In This Topic

Figures in the style of anime/manga, with a particular nod to Hyung-Tae Kim. For those unable or unwilling to follow the link, the art is a mix of traditional fantasy with some modern sensibilities ... ie lacquered breastplate and pleated skirt. Might be better suited to the Master series line than Dark Heaven or Warlord.



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My creative juices are flowing as usual. :)


I'm a huge fan of giants. Most mini companies tend to make the stereotypical versions of each subclass (i.e. hill, fire, frost, storm, cloud ect.) and stop there. I'd love to see more varied prestiege class styled giants (both male and female) like we see with player characters. For example... I can't say I've ever seen a mage spell casting giant or a rogue archer giant. This would be something my wallet would lose some green over! ::P::poke:


I'd also really love to see a killer take on a nightmare (steed). Flaming hooves, wicked arched leathery wings, wild mane, flared nostrils, grimacing muzzle and the evil eyes. The whole works. Two versions (like Sandra did with the Pegasus)... one standing and one reared back on it's hind legs. A running version would be cool too. :D


I believe these would do well for you guys.


I've a ton of original ideas too. I'm finally getting around to illustrating a few of them. :poke:

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Definately the Nightmare, Hendercrazy. Could there be anything more evil than a foxhunt with Nightmare steeds and hellhounds? I second that!


More familiar/normal animals: A parrot or large macaw (for the pirates, Yar!), Three-Toed Sloth (or even a Dire Sloth), mangy mutt type dog...


And some more monsters, like a horse with curved dual horns (instead of the normal twisted unicorn horn), and claws instead of hooves, sharp pointy teeth, a short, cropped-style mane and a tail similar to that of a zebra.


and a spider-legged goatskull, please?

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How about sets of various sized and types of wheels for scratch-building one's own wagons or other rolling-stock? We don't always have the luxury of proper scale models to cannibalize.

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How about sets of various sized and types of wheels for scratch-building one's own wagons or other rolling-stock? We don't always have the luxury of proper scale models to cannibalize.

If charots and wagons are not possible I like this idea as well

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How about some characters (or minis that look like them but aren't copyrighted) from everyone's favorite campy movies.


the guys in leather and the vampires from beast master


anything from willow


various characters from the princess bride

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More of a general preference than a specific model type: useable weapons. I would like to see bows that don't have the string going through the arm, swords for grunts that could actually be wielded, etc. I don't mind suspending some belief for the purposes of fantasy miniatures, but I also don't see a need to do so just for the sake of doing so.

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I think we always have a disparity for characters that are blemished. I don't see many barbarians that have scars (I know I could paint them but not all friends have the patience to do more than paint, dry brush, then wash). I also agree with people requesting weapons be closer to scale.


As for actual specifics for characters:

Dwarven short-bowmen.

Dual wielding Dwarven Rangers


Additionally (although the warlord line might alleviate this)

Mounted heroes of both sexes and mixed classes. The warrior isn't the only person that rides a horse; I have played with a mean Mongolian-style halfling archer.


Finally and it may sound silly but in terms of D&D characters their are people that occasionally play a gnome or halfling Barbarian. These small warriors are indeed underrepresented.


Edit for clarification


I am not only asking for gnome barbarians but small "standard race" warriors in general.

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