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Minis We'd like to see

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I'd like to see some more knightly -looking minis..that squire coming out is a great idea. More Nordic and barbarian types, please. More cat people, please(yeah, I know, same stuff I always ask for). How about some highwaymen minis, guys in tricorn hats , longcoats and cloaks, with swords and pistols(think Brotherhood of the Wolf)....yeah, I know GW has one, but I think Reaper can do it better! Maybe some more pirates. More swashbuclker-types would be great, too(rapiers, longswords, etc). More Robin Hoodish minis would be fine, too, as someone above mentioned.

And if one could get the liscence, a Heroes of Robert E. Howard collection, with minis of Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn , Brule, Cormac Mac Art, Turlough O' Brien, etc.

Some 'Jungle Hero" minis, male and female, would be neat. As would some "savages" (think Picts from REH stories).

That's all I can think of for now.

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How about little tombstones that say "R.I.P."? You know, so you can mark the deaths of your opponents on the battlefield?

Or better yet, how about some casualities? Wounded or maimed people on the battlefield. That's allways a nice thing. Could of course be converted but a lot of the conversions I've seen there's something wrong with the "victims". If it's not the anatomy - such as wrongplaced feet or something - it's the way the folds of the clothing go. A prone person with folds going in the directions it would if he were standing DOES look a bit ridiculous.

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"Living constructs" Well, can't call them "Warforged" so had to think of something else to call them. Need some of those.


I also would be in favor of a line of "PC constructs" since WoTC seems intent on making theirs out of cheezy plastic.


I'm thinking, a Generic fighter, a Holy Fighter, a Magician and a possibly a lighter framed scout or rogue would be enough to satisfy everyone's PC needs.

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I support several ideas for new minis mentioned here, especially those for a stagecoach, warforged and children.


My own suggestions:


1.) Nezumi = Japanese Ratlings. Especially a female Nezumi Assassin like "Ink Eyes" from the Magic-The Gathering Set "Betrayers of Kamigawa" (see below). Looks cool and would fit perfectly into the Rogukan series.


2.) Wild Elves (see Todd Lockwoods D&D art below). These are more barbaric than Wood Elves, but do not necessarily have axes, but bows. They could double as Eberron Drow, if painted that way. Some medium sized wooden dryads/huorns/green-warder/treants or an evil treant would be a nice support.


3.) Elves with Japanese style longer ears (Lodoss War, Warcraft), esp. something like Night Elves.


4.) Kitsune, that is Eastern fox shapeshifters in human clothes (also in Rogukan), or other characters with animal heads, from Asian mythology or Mangas (the Fo Lion was a good start). D&D setting Eberron has Orcs with chinese hats and a tiger-headed Rakshasa-people.


So much for now.


Wild Elf links:

http://www.toddlockwood.com/resources/imag...nd/03/elves.jpg (far right)




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Warlord needs more Dwarves, please. I was looking over the Dwarves, since I will be making them my official faction and noticed they lacked sergeants. They have an Adept Uniq Sarge and a Sarge for the Warriors (Gargram), but they seem to lack sergeants for piercers, swiftaxes, and halbardiers.


I would like to suggest a model for a dwarf, since I cannot sculpt, for one of the sculptors to derive from. Could be a good Swiftaxe sarge, or a nice captain (more preferrable) or even a Hero (most preferrable). He is a character I made for Neverwinter Nights about 2yrs ago.


Rexor Thorgrim:





I provided links to help with bandwidth. Show your support if yall like.

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You don't actually need to field a Leader model that is the same type as the troops (s)he commands. You don't have to have a Breaker Sgt with the Breakers, etc.


Also, when their faction book comes out, I am sure there will be more options added for the Dwarves, both Grunts and Leaders.


Most of the core armies only have 3-4 Leader models in addition to their Warlord. The armies are expanded in the Faction book, as you may have seen with the Necropolis and heard from all the Reven folks gushing about what they saw in the sneak peek Gen Con book.


FYI: There is also a General Discussion Forum in the Warlord Area as well.

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  • Reaper User

Please just bear in mind (especially in the case of some of the more... esoteric figures), that if Reaper can only sell 50 copies of each new mini they put out, they won't be able to stay in business long.


Considering that I've only played one "elf-with-bow" character, and it was his backup weapon, I can relate. What you guys input here is very important (especially to me, as I take this thread exceptionally personally), so please don't think you are being jilted. I've got a list of all of the 3.5 character class/race combinations, as well as their 1st-level equipment, that I chip away at when I get a chance. I'm also making a list of minis that are requested here, but I can't promise anything definite...

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I'd like to see some off-duty orcs - eating, drinking, playing dice, sleeping...wenching...


And an orc mother with a orc pup carrying a stuffed animal crudely made from a real animal's pelt.



it would be good if they made these to include in a couple of "orc villagers" packs for dark heaven

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Forgive me if this has been touched on before. I've been away from this thread for some weeks.


I'd like to see Statuary. It would be nice to have a professionally done Winged Victory (my feeble attempt looked worse than dreck) aka, Nike of Samothrace.

A sculpted fountain with the whole "porpoises spewing water and Neptune reclining" thing.




On a pedestal or not, but with a decent base of ancient style to put under it if needed.


Athena too. I like the one Nymph mini that someone did on the clam shell-- Now that serves me well as Venus. And that is a good thing.


Please, just pick out a dozen from a book of old Greek and Roman art, and then make a pair of big blisters with 5 or 6 each. Then, do up 4 to 6 with a Persian theme (Bulls and Lions in either bold poses or sitting regally. I love your Egyptian god-statues and use them often with our game, but I'd like to see stuff that can be used for little architectural models as well as game dioramas.


Thank you and good night.

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