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In an effort to get more kobolds made I present an arguement as to why they should look like one style over another.


Since Kobolds, Goblins, and Gnolls are all classic 1st level enemies for PCs. One should look at the type of creature that they are.


Goblins often are a bit more swine like, than lizard like (often a snout like nose squeals o f pain on death, mob mentality). If you don't agree wiht my assesment look at the 2nd edition Monster Manual Art.


Gnolls are more doglike (really Hyenas)


So Kobolds should probably be more like lizards. That doesn't mean they need to be scaly or that they can't have hair. But their muzzle should have a gnarled 'gator like overbite, the underside of their tails could be like the underbelly of a snake. Keep it subtle that those who want them to be lizard like can have their details. And those that want more dog-like kobolds can ignore the subtleties leaning towards lizards and pretend to be right.

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Mesoamerican fantasy figures - both from their mythology (about which I know terribly little) and my own imagination


Monkeymen -- lean, slouching critters with apelike faces, long arms, opposable toes and prehensile tails, mostly hairless, and wearing loinclothes, with spears with stone tips or maybe clubs. A pack of three or so ordinary ones would be nice, and maybe a character figure - a chieftain or whatnot - available separately.


Animated statues of jaguars, gods, etc.


Eagle Warriors


Wizards in feathered cloaks and headdresses


Villainous Sorceror-Priests holding aloft daggers and human hearts (while I know this was standard procedure for the worship of some gods, and not particularly "evil", from a modern viewpoint it's kind of creepy and definitely the sort of exultant thing an evil sorceror-priest would do, hold it up like it's a trophy)


Feathered serpents, preferably BIG!


Jaguarmen - either lycanthrope types in Aztec garb, or warriors clad in jaguar pelts, ala frazetta's Jaguar God.

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More race/culture packs. I realized that a lot of the Arabian stuff in the DHL line are not available any more, but it would be nice to have packs like the Derro and Duergar ones for Drow, Egyptian, Arabian, Nubian, ... And vilagers for those cultures as well inclused the Derro and Duergar.


So say for Egyptians you'd have:


xxx1: Egyptian Sorcerer & Hero

xxx2: Egyptian Warriors (3)

xxx3: Egyptian Priest & Thief

xxx4: Egyptian Villagers

xxx5: Egyptian Monsters


It's like a box set and concentrates those figs in multi-figure blisters. If sales are good you can expand the blisters and if they aren't it wasn't such a big investment. It's just that ir can be very hard to run a game that isn't set in a typical Tolkien or Howard type world.



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