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Wow. I registered to a new forum solely to post a model request. I'm crazy, although several folks who're probably on this forum can already vouch for that...


Anyway, I've liked the Kara Foehunter mini since it came out, and a crazy idea popped into my head a few months back: I'd like to see Reaper do a female dwarf pirate, complete with big voluminous coat (that few pirates in reality actually wore) and big floppy swashbuckling hat (with ginormous feather sticking out of it). A crossbow of some sort for a ranged weapon, but axes (used with the same panache and flamboyance as a rapier) for melee weapons; a dwarf's still a dwarf, after all; even if they are dwarf pirates.


Thanks! Nutcase out!



I'd buy that figure!! And any other "swashbuckler-y" figures you'd care to produce.


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I'd like more swashbucklers too, especially ones like the musketeers...*drools* mmm, pistols and rapiers...



I'll chime in with another request for the banners (and more conversion bits in general). Having a complete bar full of patrons, etc. in a box would be nice as well.


I second both of these requests musketeer goodness AND especially more townsfolk and bar patrons..people sitting standing leaning big folk and little folk...

That's the ticket





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I'm new here. I made it to page 10 but its getting late. So I'm just going to throw this out.


More asian themes. Japan specificly. Forget Legond of the five rings. Don't know why but I never cared for it. Draw your inspiration from Bushido RPG, Princess Mononoke movie, and Inuyasha TV serries instead. I'v noticed that the common moth could be a nasty costomer when grown to gigantic proportions. I belive I have heard of a nasty thing called a crimson moth. But call it what you like so long as its huge.


I would like to see some modern figures for my All Flesh Must Be Eaten and Armageddon game. Oh yeah, some zombies in modern gear. TORG R&E has just came out too. Cool stuff there.


Actualy more genre stuff in genral would be good. Sci-fi Space Opera ala Flash Gordan and Horror (victorian or otherwise) would be great.


Specificly I would like to see...

...the Crimson Moth as mentioned above or a giant Lunar Moth. Some Pixie Farries ala Hack Master.


(BTW: I love what you guys did with your fairies.)


But most of all I would like to see a fully armored samori in a kabuki style pose with two banners on his back in the japonees style.


I feel like I'm writing a Christmass list.


Now that I'v mentioned a holliday, I would like to see more holloween. I just bought your witch on a Jack-O-Lantern and pumpkin patch. Now I need some pumpkin headed scarcrows to go with.


All for now. I'll try to finnish reading this thread tomarrow.

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I'm working on making miniatures of my own band. We're not any well known though so I'd doubt anyone would want to buy them :poke:. My current problem is making portraits in 28 mm scale

I believe Macfarlanes toys make "minis" (120 mm or so) of Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper and Kiss among others?


Years ago I ran into something along these lines that blew my mind. GWAR miniatures battle game.

*shudder* I bought two of their videos after loosing my glasses at one of the shows. I had to see what I had missed. *shudder again* There are some things man was not meant to know.


On page 12

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On page 13 of this thread. Need to get to work. I'll thorw this one out befor I go.


World of Warcraft I belive was mentioned as a possible line for Reaper. I'd be all for that. The art looks great.


While we are on the subject of video games:

I'v found some old Reaper DOOM mini's and I have got the miniatures board game made by another company. What are the chances of Reaper picking this one up again. The new DOOM 3 game has much better graffics and art. The only thing is I have noticed that the old mini's I have found seem a bit more expencive than what is being produced now. Is that because it was DOOM?


What I would realy like to see is a line of figgures for an obscure game called Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land. Its a turn baced RPG for PS2. I love the story and the art is the best I'v ever seen in an RPG. Yes I know that there are better RPG's now but I want to make a table top version of this game using the Unisystem rules by Eden Studios. Also, I think Reaper should hire the guy that did the art in this game. The pictures of the characters are very expressive. One look at the characters face and you know what they are all about. And the monsters in this game are very versitile. They range from silly looking orcs and pretty pixies to shambling undead and horrific demons.


Beause W:TotFL is so obscure I doubt Reaper will pick it up. But I can dream.

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I'll add my vote to Torgstuff's call for more Oriental-style minis, but I'd like to request some more Chinese-style martial artists rather than Japanese-style samurai. I think martial artist types are more versatile as minis for roleplaying than heavily armored samurai. It's too bad the L5R license is gone, though.


I'd also vote for more townspeople, especially non-humans. We need some halfling and/or dwarf wenches, maybe a dwarf blacksmith, a halfling innkeeper or cook, an elven minstrel entertaining the inn patrons... :;): I repeat my earlier call for more non-humans in more varied poses and costumes, too.


Is it just me, or does the new female anti-paladin figure from the Dark Heaven line look awfully similar to an illustration in one of WotC's Complete books? :huh:

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