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Minis We'd like to see

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The real question would be WHAT KIND of Arthurian minis? I'd predicably prefer minis based on Romano-britons, rather than MORE plate armored guys (been done).

I'd prefer non-armored Arthurian minis as well. They're more fun to paint. I'd like to see a really cool mini of the sword in the stone. A Lady of the Lake mini would be great, something in between a human and a water elemental perhaps.

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Some native american themed minis would be awesome...maybe sinc eits fantasy we could have some mythological charatcers/creatures as well. I sure know I would be into those, being the mative american history/folklore buff I am (lol)!

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This probably made it into a former "Minis You Would Like to See" thread, but just in case it hasn't: Someone in another thread suggested townsfolk of races other than human (halfling, kobold, elf, ...).  I would love to see those.

I agree, I'd sure like some more townsfolk of other races for variety.


The other big request I have is for more Githiyank/Githizerai options. Reaper's "Astral Reavers" were a good pack, now that I've painted them I'd like some more options other then just buying duplicates.

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Lupine Rager variants.


I'd like to echo Mengu's sentiment for Standards & Banners for Warlord.


Musicians for Warlord. I just don't have time to make my own.


The usual "more racial variants of certain classes" request. (Dwarf Bard, Barbaric Elves, Knightly, if nor kingly or even wizardly Half-orcs, etc...)


This one's vague, and I will probably get rocks hurled at me for it, but here goes: More "Bits" that would be useful in the construction of some of the various Warlord Factions' "Totem's of Battle". Basically: More things along the lines of the Pillars of Good and Evil, The Urn of Ashes, all the Cool egyptian themed statues and what-not. It's all good stuff. I just wish there were more of it!




Ninja's? :ph34r:

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One particular indian deity that I've allways wanted to see (can't find him in stores selling indian statues either though there are several pictures of him) is

Nsingha Dev carrying ot justice against the demon Hiranya kashipur.

Nsingha is basically a human with six arms and a lions head seated atop a cobra with an infinite number of heads (could be tricky to sculpt ::P: ). He is an incarnation of Vishnu in classical hinduism and an incarnation of Krishna according to the ISKCON (hare krishna movement) with wich I grew up for part of my childhood. Hiranya kashipur is just your basic Indian Raja type.

Hiranya Kashipur gets his belly torn open by Nsingha while his son Prabhupad (a faithful devotee of God) stands smiling by the side and hands Nsingha a flower girland.


This picture etched it self into my youthful mind and I'd just love to see someone make a sculpt of it.

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Ninja's?  :ph34r:

We have Ninjas. you just can't see them.























Actually, you can see them.


*GRIN* I know, I just say that in every "Mini's I'd like to see" post! ::D:


We better get back on topic though... (:ph34r: the wrath o' Cher...)




Samurai? *ducks*


okay, okay...




ne'ermind, I'm suddenly at a loss... :blink:


Maybe that's because I've gotten everything I've wanted to see and then some in the past 2 or three years?


Qwyksilver  Posted on Jul 12 2005, 06:03 PM

  Take 20 on your Spot check though. It's your best chance of success. They have mad Hide skill!



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I'm probably going to be permanently banned from just about every womens' lib group on earth, but I'm totally surprised that Reaper has not yet done a "Summertime Sophie" to join the collection of Winter Holiday Sophies.


Succubus in French bikini, sunhat and shades anybody? :B):


I willl forego my annual request for "Summertime Gragg". I think the powers-that-be are well aware of my position on that subject by now. ::D:

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Spike, if you're going to be banished from every women's lib group then so am I! I LOVE Sophie and would gladly pick up any new version of her (as long as she's wearing something that resembles clothing). When looking at Talin's artwork, I saw a really cute version of her in bluejeans. Also, just a classic Sophie in 28mm would be good. BIG fan of cowboy Sophie-anything else like that would be greatly appreciated!

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