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Yes, Aryanun, just like Abram, only he has to lose that tent-stake pounder. No Circus roust-about Puritans for me.


A few more, please.


And a Pirate with dreadlocks, a big hat (with one side turned up), and his thumbs hooked under his crossed bandoleers. And a saber scabbarded at each side, too, of course. Oh, and lest I forget, he should be smiling.


I still need a mule with just a saddle blanket on him, and a second mule with a packsaddle. Both of them should be looking over their shoulders and appear to be saying, "You want what?", or "When pigs fly, Funny Lookin'"


A black lab sitting and scratching would be a good familiar for a mage-player I know.


I'd also like to see a fighter type, in mismatched, piecemeal armor. Sort of beat up and maybe with some run down clothes or boots. A guy that's been on the road way too long with no place to re-fit and repair. He should have a beat up, wide brimmed hat, preferrably in his hand and not on his head.


And a Townsman or woman wiping their brow with a sleeve or rag, just sitting around.

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Well, if we are asking for specifics, how about an obese Bathalian/Illithid/Mind Flayer with an eye patch wearing robes and wielding a heavy oaken staff (or with an orb of fire in one hand)?


Technically he's a Kraken from 50 Fathoms, but I would settle for a standard Bathalian. Not only would he be for my character, but I can use him in my D&D games as a memorable bad guy...


And oh yeah (I know I'm not supposed to mention this again, BUT...), Rust Monsters! Hey, if I ever win a DYOM contest, at least you know it won't be a killer klown or a roller girl, right?

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I'm just curious to know what everyone here would like to see in future releases for the Townsfolk series of Reaper Minis.


For those of you unfamiliar I'll give a recap of each set so far...


Townsfolk I - Bartender and 2 Wenches



Townsfolk II - Blacksmith, Beggar, and Harlot



Townsfolk III - Strumpets (3 Women)



Townsfolk IV - Bandits (3) and loot



Townsfolk V - Commoners (Man, Woman, and a Woman with 2 children)



Townsfolk VI - Undertaker and Assistant carrying a coffin



Townsfolk VII - Clergymen (3)



Personally for the 8th set I think they need to put out what should have been done in one of the first few sets. What is really needed is a group of average tavern customers. Just some regular commoners for a Tavern setting. I think I can speak for a fair number here when I say I'm a bit tired of using greatsword-wielding fighters for the town-drunks. Anyway thats my 2 cents on the issue, what about everyone else?


What would everyone else here like to see in future releases for the Townsfolk series???

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I like this thread and have also considered the same thing.


After reading the Rincewind series of the Discworld books, I got all these great ideas for townsfolk from those books. Here are some:


Student wizards. Not making any wild gestures or having long beards or anything, but sort of like you'd imagine the college crowd in Berkely in the 60's if they dressed up in long purple robes and wore tea shades with goatees, reading passages from obscure demonic librums. Oh wait...that's how it actually was! :devil: But anyways, some "young wizards" would be great.


Scholars. Some hooded figures or monks seated at those tables writing in manuscripts, maybe illuminating some letters...or a professor type of mini with a book in hand and a feather quill pen in the other with those little ben franklin glasses hanging off the tip of his nose.


Mayor. Town mayor, portly, balding man behind a desk with some scrolls or maybe a magnifying glass, inkwell and some parchment on it. Always gotta have a Town Mayor to direct the adventurers to clear out the haunted temple and return for a reward etc...


The bandits are really cool, maybe more of them? To represent gangs of thugs in the game, hopefully clustered around in a tight group, about the size of a fireball preferablly.


Also, the drunks idea is great, there are very few NPC's that work for just plain old townsfolk. A couple of guys animated and laughing, or holding a beer mug, sitting on a stool etc...someone has to give the quest to deliver the love letter to such and such in the other town, or find lost ring belonging to so and so's husband.


There are already a bunch of executioners, but very few hangmen and jailors. Men at arms with jail key rings and pot bellies.


Females are always way too short in demand as well, I'd LOVE to see more female townsfolk. There are already barmaids etc...but you don't see too many just plain old women folk, out and about in period attire etc...not everyone had a job back in those days..some people just had "titles" Maybe some lords and ladies would be nice...especially for an assasination scenario or kingdom intrigue setting. Milkmaids, vendors, merchants, courtiers, seers, fortune tellers, gypsies...all of these make for great female mini inspiration...not too many female merchants or vendors out there in the mini and RPG world, but funny how most of my bosses in RL have been women. :rock:


More Pirates of course. Please. Dear god please. More Pirates.


Speaking of Gypsies, a gypsy camp would be awesome! An old crone, a couple of swarthy dudes with big earrings and wine jugs, a few dark and sultry long haired women in tight trousers and head scarves...a few playing musical instruments or a couple dancing around a fire. Maybe even the Gypsy Wagon! That would be a great set piece for inspirational adventures involving werewolves, vampires, haunted castles etc...


Wow...I had more ideas than I thought. I loves me some townsfolk. ::D:

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Great ideas so far. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this thread develops in the next 24 hours.


As far as run-of-the-mill thugs are concerned, I would prefer to see them using less armor and shields than they have been put in. To me the typical back-alley scoundrel just isnt going to be wearing scale mail and carrying a heavy shield. Small wooden clubs or daggers are about all they should be suited with.


But in all honesty I think Reaper could branch off with a new set entitled "Tavern Patrons." That right there alone opens the door to dozens of possibilities.

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I was also thinking about the Egyptian themed line that Reaper puts out, some Egyptian style high priests, artisans, workers and townsfolk would be cool. Just the total Cleopatra haircut for the women and the ubiquitous shaved head and white skirts for the males. Would be a blast to paint all the skintones, eye makeup and jewelry etc..

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I have always considered these two to be townsfolk packs, even though they are not labeled as such:

2548: Merchant and Henchmen


2559: Dwarven Brewmeister



One could argue that 2474: Boren, Dwarf Ratcatcher is a townsfolk, not a hero, although I am reluctant to say he is an early townsfolk "pack".


Fat Wealthy Merchant and his Wife ..... Adventurers are hired to protect them.

Combining the merchant from 2548 and the Matron from 2655 would fit this bill nicely.


I also always thought Strohm (2560) made a good NPC - I always use him as a mayor, the outstretched hands are asking for Money . . . ::P:

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Demi-human townsfolk. Egyptian townfolk. Chinese townfolk. Japanese townfolk. Arabian.


I support the Fagin and pickpockets. I'd like some pirate townfolk even it it just a rauncher version of bartennder and servers. Wealthy man, woman and teenaged daughter who need protection. Maybe a highwaymen townfolk set.



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He doesn't look fearful enough. ;)


I like the idea of a rat-catcher - some tall gaunt guy with a bunch of rats - maybe even a pied piper kinda guy.


How about a big fat baker/chef along the lines of Swelter from Gormenghast (really, any character from gormenghast would be brilliant. http://www.gormenghastcastle.co.uk/swelter.html


A foppish doctor/man of science would be cool too - again like one from gormanghast - http://www.gormenghastcastle.co.uk/drprune.html


Or perhaps influenced by the italian renaissance?


Maybe some plague sufferers?


Actors & Thespians? A troupe of actors would be neat :) You could even have a guy in drag (done somewhat campy - so it's obvious as a guy) to fill in the female parts. See Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead for some cool references.

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