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Sororitas Rhino


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I'm still working on getting some detailing done to the banners and some extra work done to the little details, but that's for later, this a gaming piece of mine, and in current use as a proxy for my Black Templar's army, until I buy a proper Black Templar's Rhino.


Here's a couple more angles.








This was the first thing I painted with MSP's. The whole thing was pretty much an experiment with the new paints.

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Alright, how'd you do that weathering? I'd really like to know, as it looks great.

For the weathering I used a combination of drybrushing and washing with ultra thin washes of paint.


The weathering around the treads was done with drybrushing of successive browns, I used some VMC's I have, the whole "sand" series pretty much, Iraqui Sand, Light Sand etc... Starting with the darkest color and adding lighter tones as I went along, ending up with the lightest tone just on the edges.


The washes were done on the panelling, with a nice wash of browns with a bit of flow improver added to prevent "ringing" of the paint since it was so thin. Although sometimes I add just plain water on purpose to get the ringing effect, it's pretty useful at times for making realistic stains on parchment and clothing.

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I love it !!! Superb work as always... do you want picky comments?

Any comments are always welcome. Constructive criticism never burns me up at all. I've grown up with a pretty intense circle of artists as friends, and have taken some of the most blunt (as in trauma) critiques of my styles possible. I have long since used criticism as a tool to help me advance in learning to become a better painter. Both in giving and in the ability to take criticism from the proper perspective.


Keep in mind though that this is a WIP model that is "mostly done", there is still some work left to go in the detailing. That being said, fire away! ::P:

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Good deal, I figured that you were close, but not all the way done, but wanted to make sure before I asked about the silly stuff:


Dirt. Fantastic technique. When I haven't washed my truck in a while, I've noticed the dirt pattern doesn't quite look the same as what you've got on the rhino. Tank piccies I've seen who a different pattern as well. More dirt under the vehicle, on the tracks, and at the rear and the side-at-the-rear. The side-at-the-front, oddly enough, doesn't necessarily have as much dirt because of dirt/mud "splash" patterns. Example piccies below:












The "bare metal" areas look too clean (compared with the rest of the mini). Either it's the size/surface area, or it's that they aren't as worn as the rest of the mini... At the moment I don't have the technique in front of me... so I don't have a constructive suggestion for how to weather the scuff areas...


That's it... mainly it was the shiny tracks that jumped out in contrast and the dust/dirt/mud splash pattern...


I sure wish that *I* had an army this good looking... I usually don't leave myself that much time to paint my own stuff, heh heh..



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Interesting about the weathering. Makes sense though. The reason being that if you imagine, the motion of the tracks going forward would kick up the road towards the rear of the tank. Cool, I'll get busy with that idea when I get around to finishing this guy. Realism is nice, especially when dealing with Space Tanks for the armies of Space Nuns in 41st Millenium! Thanks for the links, I'll reference those when I get busy on this again.

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