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solo to grunt

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Even if we did decide to make the Orcs the undisputed masters of all ranged combat why would that be bad? I kinda like thinking outside of the box; why remake the same stuff exactly like everyone else?


Exactly, I agree whole heartedly.


Still I have my doubts about whether they will be a dominant archer heavy race after all of the faction books are out. Even as it stand Skeeters are a very hefty investment, I think you've got to be playing in a big game, or be pretty darn good at using them, to get a your points worth out of them (Bull orc archers ont he other hand are a steal).

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They do seem kinda eclipsed by the Reven though.


Only in the number of archers they can field, and while the Bull Orcs are cheap, they Goblin Skeeters are not at all.


Point for point the Elves can put more arrows intot he air than the Bull Orcs, they can shoot huge vollies (and yes against low DV, opponents I think volleying is a very viable option), they have Sure Shot, and Marksmen, can take advantage of any sort of cover to get a +2 DV and can run through nearly any sort of terrain unimpeded (Ridgerunner, and Wood Strider) making them much more mobile.


Their only real drawback is that they have a very low DV, or maybe that the Bull Orcs have a very high DV. Still the Elves have some pretty decent Options, and if they take Niriodel with a bunch of BLess spells I think they would dominate the Orcs if playing with cunning. The Elven list as it stand simply isn't very forgiving, but that doesn't mean it isn't effective.

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