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My pirates


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No unfortunatly I'm not going to make it to GENCON. If you want to see a few of my conversions, ask Tim , (Castlebuilder). I've made a coouple of pirates for him.


Yea, I've alway been a lazy baser (one who bases), But I do agree that everythig looks better when it is based. I like the beach idea, I'll give it a shot if I can get off of my fourth point of contact. ::D:

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Two suggestions:

-darken the eye socket around the glowing eye

-The sandy beach suggestion by LordColdsteal is a good idea, but I think smoothing them out and painting them to look like the wooden planks of a ship would be great.


Have any plans for a soul cannon? I'd love to see your interpretation.


Being a huge Pirate fan, some call it a fetish, those are very nice.  I nearly flipped out when I learned about the Pirate mercs in Warlord.  What a game!!!

Yup. It's a fetish.


p.s. Pirates are cooler than :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:



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I've got a Soul Cannon in the mini Gallery over at Reapergames. On the bases I finally got off my fourth point of contact and played with some green stuff. I actually made it wood planks!!! I guess great minds think alike. :B):


Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I just finished my Lady Clarissa and I'll try to post a pic soon.


BTW, I don't know what it is, anytime I'm sculpting pirates the green stuff doesn't do what I want it to do unless a certan pirate movie with Johnny Depp is playin in the back ground. :wacko:

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