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Greater Magic Items


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I remember hearing (not reading) that the Greater Items (Such as Greater Magic Armor, Greater Magic Weapon, etc) can only be equipped on Leader Models and Elites\Heroes.

Is this true?


I could not find it anywhere in the 1st Ed RB.


Honestly, this makes sense, and im hoping this is so - mostly because it got rubbed in my face that it didnt appear in the book (after i had said it was there), and i hate it when im wrong and someone gloats.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Greater Magic Weapon: Leader or elite only(page 75).

Greater Magic Armor: no restriction

Greater Magical Empowerment:Mage only(page 76)

Greater Accuracy Upgrade:No restriction

Greater Magical Protection:Cleric only(page 76)

Greater Movement Upgrade: no restriction


All from first edition.

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gloating? dude you took that personally!!! you know how cool it is to ghave a five man army that can john woo it's way through an enemy force thank to commonly attached magic items?


sorry if i peeessed you off, but it's damn cool.


and you should think about dropping 146 pts for uber archers....trust me, it's fun!!!!


(MAV 5, Marskman, ignores almost all non-solid terrian sight wise, range 30...make aline of archers 3 inches apart spreading over (X times 3+3) inches...this is called a combat spread..and i love it!)

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we do need 2nd ed. input though..i didn't see it in the errata....

Its not 2nd edition, its 2nd printing. Just means they ran out of books and had to have more made. If its not in the eratta, its b/c there weren't any changes made to the first printings rules.

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GRRRREAT! :bday:


there was a misconception in my game group that we had a few rules erratta. other than a few PV's and such, i remeber nothing else, and thusly, you guys verified.


thanks ReaperBryan!


now i get to go make evil units of expensive troops..heheheheheee! :ph34r:

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