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Anyone else disapointed?


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silly peoples, i am a Keeper of the Art of The Cardinal's Holy Brotherhood (usually just refered to as The Brotherhood).


It is MY job to burn the heretics !!!




we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

But nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. :ph34r:

the inquisition is the " other " Directorate.







Mortificators online and enroute.


prepare to be purified.










all are cleverly disguised as something other than Mortificators. neener.

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Ok, i have a favor to ask...


Can someone please explain this "Firefly" craze to me?

i know its a sci-fi television series thats supposedly got an underground cult following everywhere - everyone seems to love the show.


other then that, i know nothing.


so whats the big deal? why is it so great?


(oh, and please dont burn-me-at-the-stake just cause im ignorant :unsure: )

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Firefly is Joss Whedon's third series that he made under contract to Fox, the first two being Buffy and Angel. It came out roughly the same time that Fox was dumping both of Joss' other two shows and Fox buried it in their lineup, giving it horrible timeslots (Sat night IIRC), changing timeslots and then even going so far as to mix up the order of the episodes so that there wasn't any continuity from week to week. Apparenlty there was bad blood between some high muckety-muck at Fox and Whedon and this was the exec's way of screwing him over. Eventually with the ratings down (b/c nobody could find the show) Fox cancelled it after several weeks, without even showing the final 3 (or so) episodes of the 13 filmed.


Like Buffy and Angel before it, Fox owned the rights to Firefly, but this time they refused to sell them to anyone else for quite some time. Apparently that's no longer an issue tho, it had something to do with the movie rights. But so now, SciFi is free to replay all of the episodes and we can enjoy them!


As for the show itself, its about a group of misfits on a Firefly class freighter named Serenity (hence the names of the TV show and movie). Mal, the captain, and his right hand gal Zoe are ex-rebels from a galaxy wide civil war that happened about 8 years before the TV show. Their side lost the war and they've spent their time since then wandering the fringes of known space doing odd-jobs, some legal, some not. Zoe's husband is Serenity's pilot and the rest of the crew consists of Jayne, the henchman who wants to be captain and a chick engineer (can't remember her name). They also have on board a Companion, which is just a fancy name for a legally bonded prostitute. They're socially accepted in the future though and her status allows the Serenity to have an easier time getting landing clearance to most planets, since everyone welcomes the Companion.


The area of space that they travel around is the frontier, barely patrolled by the government, much less cared for by it. Whedon represents the frontier feeling by giving everything a Wild West flavor. So despite the fact that they fly around in a spaceship and have ATVs to haul their cargo, everyone wear's six-shooters, Winchester rifles and knows how to ride horses. Its campy, but not so much that it bothers anyone. Hell, if you don't focus on it, it really barely plays into the story.


In the first episode, Mal and his crew need some money so they pick up travellers at a spaceport: a minister who's travelling outside of his monestary for the first time ever, a doctor and some other guy. The other guy turns out to be a government agent who's tracking the Dr., who broke his sister out of a top secret military base. They haven't gotten far enough into the series to explain it yet, but the sister is some kind of Empath. She's also especially gifted (both mentally and athletically) and the govt has turned her into some kind of super weapon, ala a one-girl ninja squad. So naturally the government is hunting them down.


The TV show itself mostly skirts around the whole sister/govt storyline, it pops up from time to time, but mostly its just about the misadventures of the crew. Like this past week's episode they take a job to steal some govt. supplies from a train, then find out that the supplies are actually medicine going to a community that is dying from a plague, so they have to return it and deal w/the guy who hired them to steal it. I guess Mal could be looked at as a futuristic Robin Hood. He has no problem w/stealing, but he still has morals and a consience.


Serenity the movie looks to deal directly w/the sister and the govt goons who have been hunting her down.

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Yuki, it is the sheet!


it is a VFCS, IMHO. ^_^


Phil Bridges tol' me of it, and i thanked him for his effort. so what if it is made by the buffy team? it is good stuff, very RPG worthy...very much suited to the 2000 style of audience, like trek was in the 60's...

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and the official Serenity RPG is being released by Margaret Weis Productions (yes, the Dragonlance author).


it's supposed to be released at the end of August, and no it is not a D20 product.


the main team working on it consists of Jaime Chambers, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, James M. Ward, Lester Smith, Tony Lee, Andrew Peregrine and James Davenport.


ISBN: 1931567506

cost: $ 39.95 US

pages: 224


the official game's website is www.serenityrpg.com

but it's not up yet.


the official movie website is www.serenitymovie.com

there are currently two trailers available.

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and the official Serenity RPG is being released by Margaret Weiss Productions (yes, the Dragonlance author).


it's supposed to be released at the end of August, and no it is not a D20 product.

You don't happen to have a link to that info handy do you?

i found this out on the browncoats website.

you have to join to read the forums, but it's free.


the movie site has a link to the browncoats.

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