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Halfling Ranger w/ Autumn Leaf Cloak


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Hope you all like the idea behind this figure. He's quite different from anything I'd ever tried before. . . everything is so small on this figure. I like how his scale armor came out and also his cloak. . . am not real happy w/ quiver/arrows. . . any suggestions?



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Great armor joerav17. Give's this tiny mini alot of character.


Skin tone is good as a basecoat but needs some highlights on the raised areas and maybe a shadow in the lows (IMHO).


I find the back of the cloak very busy .. but that's a halfling for you :-)


As for the Quiver & Arrows, it doesn't look like there's a whole lot to work with, you might be able to get away with drybrushing for texture?


To finish this little guy, give it a cork rocky base, with some grass.


Keep painting and post often. Thanks for sharing.


[Just my 2 cents worth]

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