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A few Reaper Minis

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Alaine is just beautiful. I really like her cool skin tone against her warm brown hair.



The skin is the Rosy Skin (ala Derek Schubert) Triad which I think is just fine and fitting for females and elven-types... ::D: Derek being part elf himself I think. :lol:


The hair was tricky as I was told in no uncertain terms "NOT BLONDE". :blink: So with blue and gold armor, that left auburn, red, brunette or black as my choices. The auburn and red choices are immediately eliminated because of the rest of the cooler colors used in painting the figure. So that narrowed my choices to a brunette or raven-haired beauty. The black was then eliminated as the piece would have darkened considerably... so I was left with a brunette.


And I LIKE brunettes... :wub:


Hey! I resemble that remark! 


Haha, the Templar's face reminds me of Mario!   


Any resemblances to persons either living, dead or imaginary is strictly coincidental. :lol:



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