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You can not beat the Dwarves!! They are the almighty lords of Taltos! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! :devil:


What was that? You're looking for a serious answer? Party pooper! ::P:


Well, before the shieldmaiden and halberdier models came out, I could lose easily to archer fire. Adept status or not. But, now that I have shieldmaidens... :B):


Wild Bill :blues:

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Kill the musicians if at all possible and reduce their mobility. Use archers to whittle their numbers as much as possible before they engage in melee. Use magic to ding the big solo models like the Griffon and Clawhelm, then surround them with goons. Fireballs and firestorms are handy.


Do not let him set up a defensive line in the middle of the table where Grimsteel can drop his falcon on people without fear of reprisal. Save a spell or two for this eventuality.


And, above all else, play them before their book comes out. They'll be getting even more defensive tricks. :B):

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Overlords are decent on Defense, but better at going toe to toe. Your buddy needs some Chevaliers and to load up Ashkrypt with fireballs and batlhon with hold (to keep Thorgram form Scryshotting) until you can engage him melee. teleborting a beefy hero like Ymrillix into Grimsteel will reduce his effectiveness, just be sure you are picking off his clerics so Thory doesn;t get cure'd.

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