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Something my wife found


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Ok, I was just playing around with family member's names to see if anybody got anyting cool. Instead I was horrified when I entered my mother's name and it came back with Chesty Smurf!!! :huh:


So, naturally, I had to share! :lol:


Mainly horrified cause my mom and Dragon Snack have the same smurfy name!!

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Things I've discovered about this generator.


If you leave the fields blank it comes up Conrad Smurf


The fields are inclusive, it doesn't matter if you use one or both.


The generator works on the letters you type, not the order. Mix up all the letters in you name and put them in either field and you get the same result.


:lol: Yes I'm having, shall we say :poke: , a light day at work. :lol:

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Funny. mY real name gets Conrad Smurf. but my Board name gets me Pantsless Smurf.


My wife should get a kick out of that one.



I remember a Metal Gear Solid code name generator a while back that gave me the name of Humungous Rattlesnake. It fits the theme...

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