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Something my wife found


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My dog Lakota comes out Jurassic Smurf, but I do have to give him my last name.


Mainly horrified cause my mom and Dragon Snack have the same smurfy name!!

:blink: Me too...


*rethinks what Chesty Smurf implies...* ::(:

I gave my dog my last name too, if I don't she comes out as "Critically Ill Smurf" ::(:

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I'm a multicultural Smurf...


Real name: Moo Goo Gai Smurf

Board Name: Ibn al' Smurf


If you look at the code for the generator, the possible names are Conrad, Raspy, Very Uninteresting, Chesty, Bambi, Insatiable, Quantum, Lydia, Groupie, Vanilla Ice, Maximus, Stanky, Hoochie, Stoner, Trusty, Cujo, Fidel, Naughty, Doctor, Cleft Palate, Britney, Flopsy Mopsey, The, Chanukah, Squanto, Igneous, Megatron, Full Monty, Yahweh, Q*Bert, Futzy, Meshugana, Pimpin', Fetid, Fictitious, M.C., Cuddly,

Disgruntled, Heterosexual, Jurassic, Deadly, Queasy, Waspinator, Stews in His Own Gravy, Stickleback, Fundamentalist, Drippy, Hannibal, Jojoba, Kung Pao, Boozy, Radioactive, Fatass, Ichabod, Phil the, Erectile Dysfunction, Transparent, Moo Goo Gai, Talk to the Hand, Son of, Smurf Smurf, Pantsless, Super Absorbant, Yakuza, Very Tall, Stoolie, Ebola, Chicken-Fried, New-and-Improved, Junkie, Lemon-Fresh, As-Seen-on-TV, Stalker, Man-Eating, Ibn al', Litigious, You Go, Slowly Evaporating, The Real Slim, Golden Flash, Critically Ill, Killdozer, Colicky, Slappy, Cletus the Slack-Jawed, Phlegmy, Nascar, Odoriferous, Noxious, and Erotic.

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love these sites!!



real name is Boozy Smurf (boy did they get that one wrong)


board name is Fat@$$ smurf


my wife's name is -- Doctor Smurf


my kids are -- Sqaunto & Queasy


Randy M



btw I did Reaper Miniatures as one & I get Hoochie Smurf---ok guys what are you hiding down there?? ::P::lol:

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I think I should be scared...


Real Name: Hoochie Smurf.

Hebrew Name: Cuddly Smurf.

Board name: Cletus the Slack-Jawed Smurf.


Dog's name: Chanukah Smurf.


Random Friend's name: Queasy Smurf


Manager at work: Cuddly Smurf (Something tells me he might not like this name though his wife would.)


Assistant Manager at work: Igneous Smurf (Not fitting of her really.)


A good friend at work: Drippy Smurf


Mom: Heterosexual Smurf


Dad: Squanto Smurf



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