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Warhammer 40K Ruined Building

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Hey guys/gals ... I picked up some ruins a couple day ago.

Cleaning was a breeze, just a bit of GS to cover where the two halves meet:


Primed in gray ... looks ok:


I tried a black/brown wash on it but looked like ... umm .. can I say crap?


Anyway, decided to paint the whole thing black. Now I'm on the basecoat stage, this is where you all come in ::):


Do any of you have/know of URL's or have a recipe on painting realistic rock?


I seen a stone throne that Dark Star did up ... something like that?


Any help would be great.


[There's a few pic posted on my site as I go along with this project, leave a comment/suggestion if you want.]

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Since your piece looks like it has very little texture on it try sponge painting.


Get a piece of sponge and a few different shades of grey. Starting with your darkest shade sponge the paint on allowing some of the black to still show through. Do this with each color of grey, allow the sponge to feather the colors together a bit. Once you have sponged on the different coats of grey, allow the piece to dry a couple hours. Now for the detail work...


It's a ruined building, so paint in your cracks! Black and your darkest grey will work beautifully. Use the edge of a feather to paint them in if you wish. Paint holes in the wall too if you feel so inclined. Allow the "cracks" to dry and then go in with greens to add moss detail. Again you can sponge this, or take flocking and adhere it to the building using PVA glue.


One thing to remember in sponging on the paint: When layering the grey by the time you are done layering on the grey, very little black should show through. You should end the sponging with your lightest color. You can also outline "stones" in the walls by taking your darkest grey and making it look like mortar around the stones. Your finished wall will have a mottled effect done in grey that looks like grey stone. If you want different stone colors tint the greys with colors such as green, red, or brown.


Last but not least, seal that piece! ::D:


EDIT: The other thing you could do is coat the entire part you want to be stone with some sort of texture gel medium and allow it to dry and then layer on the paint colors and drybrush to bring out the texture.

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Also try drybrushing from black to white. The secret to good looking stone is to use many in between layers and many shades of grey. I have at least 20 bottles of grey from various manufacturers. Blue Grey works great, add some to black then drybrush lightly, lightly lightly can't be overstated, wipe off ALL the paint. Keep adding more Blue Grey until you get to pure blue grey, should take at least 4 stages. Then add some white to teh Blue Grey and continue drybrushing, focusing on the edges. Keep that in mind, with your lighter passes, you want the paint only to be left on the edges. When you get up pretty light, start adding a Yellow white like sand, Ivory, Parchment etc...helps to give some some color to the piece.


Try to get up to pure white just drybrushing. Pure white only on the edges. When you're done, find some rivets or ledges and water some rust brown paint like Beasty Brown down alot then make some rust stains. Also adding a touch of moss green and making a wash is an effective way to weather.


Basically, add bluegrey to black, highlight to bluegrey then add yellow white, then add pure white, wash and weather and you're g2g.

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Wow .... thank you so much guys/gals for the great pointers. I'm going to try them all!


Here's one corner piece I did ... still have three others to complete.




Comments most welcome ... and thanks again ::D:

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