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Which MSPs?


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I tried the new Master Series paint line at a painting gathering and liked them a lot. I currently own the entire Vallejo Game Color line, which I like a lot, but I want to supplement it. I am especially enchanted with the triad design of this line.


So, later this month I am going to order 30 or so bottles of this paint. What triads do you like best? Which Master Series paints see constant use at your work space?


Thanks in advance for your suggestions!



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At my paint table the various flesh triads and the sapphire/true/sky blue triads see the most use. The flesh is super smooth, although I use Nitro flesh shade for additional shadowing. I am dying to try out the new clear colors as soon as I can get my hands on some.

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I'm sure Anne will add her two cents in here but I'll give you mine as well:


Rosy Skin Triad

Tanned Flesh Triad

Ochre Golds Triad

Neutral Greys Triad

Neutral Colors Triad (Black, White and Grey)

and the Yet-to-be-named Red Brown Triad (Mahogany Brown, Chestnut Brown and Rust Brown)


Those are the ones I use time and time again and make a great basis for expanding from.


Oh, and get yourself the "Liner" Triad: Brown, Grey and Blue Liners. ::D:

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If you want your reds bright, pick up three colors: Mahogany Brown (9070), Clear Red (9094), and Clear Yellow (9095). Basecoat Mahogany Brown, next layer 50/50 Mahogany and Clear Red, next couple layers Clear Red, next layers mix in a bit of Clear Yellow to highlight the red and make it pop. ::D:


Other colors I currently use a ton of:


Red Browns Triad (Mahogany, Chestnut, and Rust Brown, 9070-9072)

Martial Blues Triad (Breonne, Templar, and Ashen Blue, 9055-9057)

Ochre Golds Triad (Chestnut, Palomino, and Buckskin, 9073-9075)

Clear Brights I and II Triads (9094-9099)

Dark Skintone (9041), Tanned Skintone (9044), and Rosy Skintone (9068), and their triads if you feel like it--depends on how much you like or don't like to mix

Brown Liner (9064) and Blue Liner (9066)

Linen White (9061) and Ghost White (9063)

The Brand New Burnt Colors triad due out in September: Ruddy Leather, Oiled Leather, and Burnt Orange (9109-9111)

Sapphire Blue (9016) and its triad


There's a good start for you, though there are undoubtedly other things you'd like in there, like Nightshade Purple (9022) Muddy Olive (9034) and the two warm browns triads (9028-9033). ::):


Hope that helps!



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Or, to go a different direction, look at the colors you use a lot and which ones you don't - if you don't like, say, orange, then you may want to hold off on the oranges. If you're a blue fiend, get one or more of the blue triads.


Fro instance, I was doing a happy dance when we got the red-brown triad - I forget which one of them is a darn close match to my favorite (Tamiya) Hull Red.

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