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Reptus Leader ??


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How can I have a troop of warriors, troop of archers, troop of skullbreakers if the whole Reptus line only has 1 leader ??? Am I to use mercenary leaders ???

Did I miss something, I don't see any Captain or Sergeants in Reptus.


I don't want to buy Reptus if I can't field units ??

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They're coming.. just be patient.


Actually the man who's sculpting the entire Reptus faction is just coming back from a lengthy medical leave. But the models ARE coming. Meanwhile, nobody ever said you weren't allowed to proxy.

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We already have established guidelines on proxy models too; I know it's not as glamorous, but it's a lesser evil when it comes to launching mini games ::D:.


Any opponent should be perfectly willing to accept a proxy for something in the rules that we don't have a model for yet; if they don't tell them to be more fun.

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The Reptus have the following Leader models:


Khong-To (Warlord-released)

Chai-Uut (Captain)

Audt (Sergeant)

Ssathuss (Unique Sergeant)


It is a bit disappointing for Reptus followers, as the Reptus are the faction with most number of models still to be released. I expect to see the these models released prior to X-mas (I hope I'm not being too optimistic).


The Following Reptus Elite models are also unreleased:


Ssudai (Unique Mage)

Ra'am (Hero)

Nai-Khanon (Unique Hero)


Troop types:


Long Strikers

Nagendra Rangers

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It'll be worth the wait. Meanwhile you can get the lizardmen tyrants from the Dark Heaven Armies blisters, that's three leaders good to go, and they also have archers and spearmen. When you replace them with Reptus you can make a generic army with them!




Orrrrrrrrr, the really non-glam way is to get bits of cardboard the size of the appropriate base, and write on them. If that's not good (in terms of line-of-sight) use a carboard stand-up on an appropriately sized base.



Chaz Elliot has done a magnificent job so far, I'm sure that when he gets back on deck we'll be seeing more stellar sculpts for our favourite giant lizards.

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I assume Chaz is working on Cha-Uut, Audt, and one of the heros Nai-Khannon or Ra'am. I'm really looking forward to some more reptus elites. Smells hardcore already.


I can't wait to see the first Nagendra, are they still going up today Bryan?


Edit: I just remember Ra'am is listed as a sargent on Alliance, so that's probably the other guy that Chaz is sculpting.

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Ssathus and Ssudai and Longstrikers are within. Enjoy.



Also, http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/revenu

has 2 new models, a new Bull-Orc Hero and a new Beastman Hero . . .








*Edit - Images added directly for your edification.

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