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Non-Reaper Pic-a-Palooza!


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Okay...So I have 2 starter boxes of Warlord that need some paint, but I've made a solemn vow not to touch them untill I clear out my catalog of Warmachine. In order to help me along on this task (I've been running out of steam lately) I decided to start posting my pics here to get some style critiques untill I get to my Warlord Catalog!


So here goes!


Gorten's Gang



Deneghra's Group



Mechanithralls A



Mechanithralls B






Ogrun Bokur



Bloat Thrall



Feel free To Comment and Criticize!

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I'm gonna say, before anyone else does, that you need some washes to bring out the details.


The paintwork will really benefit from some simple wash techniques on the metallics as well as the rivets on the armor, the fleshtones and the leather straps. The painting looks good, but an extra bit of depth would go a long way to giving these guys some more life.


Experiment on a test figure if you have one to get the feel of the right consistency of washing and glazing. Brushthralls has some great pointers on washing Warmachine figs in particular, check them out at Brushthralls techniques.

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The washes on your second batch does them wonders. ::D: Much more deep contrast and gives a dark, gritty, realistic, weathered effect. If you like the look, stopping at this point is fine. I especially like the slight green verdigris effect on the shoulder guards.


If you want brighter colors or to bring out the metallic effect again, just drybrush them or go over the metal bits with a quick, thinnish layer of metallics.


(Have you realized yet what direction we're ever so slowly nudging you? Basecoat, shade, highlight. ::P:)

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