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Reaper Baby Pictures!


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Wow! tons upon tons of cute kids! Tons I say!


My wife and I both brought kids to the marriage; so we have <deep breath> 24, 21, 20, 19, 19, a 4.5 yr old grandson, and a new grandson due in December :)


Gloriously, they are all out of the house now and doing well :bday:

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Here are two recent minis

Very scary


The first is a ghouls with rags and very nasty face and bones - If you look very closely you can see I painted it to look like he's wearing a shirt a six year old boy would wear under all those rags.


Here is a small vampire I've been working on for 3 years. The photo really shows off the evil red eyes!



And here is the finished Dracula Attacking! Don't look if you are easily frightened.



OK I've seen other posts of people's newborns and all kinds of stuff. These looked like large Minis I might be painting and the kids were so eager to try on there Halloween stuff the other night!


Hope you are inspired to paint even more evil creatures looking at these 2 monsters!



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Look at you and 3 posts in one day... simmer down, or you'll get addicted... he he


Oh great...


Now I gotta deal with munchkin vampires too? ::P:


You gonna bring them up here the next time you come? We can let them go berzerk in the back yard whilst the Nefffsokar run wild on the table...

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yay babies! None of mine are related to reaper... But I'll give you pictures anyway! My oldest is Avalon Hope, who is 4. My middle child is Terra Louise, who is 2, and my youngest is Natsuo Raymos, who is 4 months. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out who's who. :;): Forgive the slightly grainy picture of Natsuo, it was taken with the camera on my phone.




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So these are a little late in getting posted, but I was away from the computer for about 2 weeks because of new job stuff.

Here is the Qwykling in her halloween costume as Curious George, and I, the Man in the Yellow Hat. The hat is a witches hat that was trimmed and painted, my clothing is dyed. Her costume was all made from by her dad, who hadn't used a sewing machine for anything more advanced than a hem in about 15 years. And there's also one of her just looking too cute to not share.





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