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Reaper Baby Pictures!


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the pictures of all the kids are adorable, I wish my own Mini-Spawn wasn't teething right now.  She has driven me into the living room.  

and she will probably drive my wife insane - lack of sleep does not soot her well. 


Apparently people have 3 types of reactions to broken/lack of sleep, I have heard that its 30% of the population for each. 

1. Does just fine 

2. Slightly impaired, but functional the next day (me) 

3. catastrophic failure (my wife) 


good luck all! 




Edit: pictures added. (Mini-Spawn and Elder Spawn) 

 last night wasn't that bad, I slept well on the couch.

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Many many children have been born to the Reaper forumites since the instigation of this wonderful site. So here is the official album to post baby pictures of the littles born.


I'll start, since Thomas was actually conceived when my husband and I took a trip to Dallas just so we could tour the old Reaper facilities.


His first official "I'm coming home from the hospital" picture:




Thomas now, 15 1/2 months later:




He's grown quite a bit.    :wub:

In six days I will acquire a 12 year old. The little bitty who started this thread.


Where did the time go?


Will post a current picture when I get home.




As promised:



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May I present my Grandson, Declan:

Seen here shortly after birth with my baby boy, Phil:



...AND a mere three months later, the all-laughing version of The Lad:



...thank God he was spared my rugged good looks.

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