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Wayne Reynold's Sculpt


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About a week ago I got a request for a favor. There was this Bobby Jackson sculpt of a Wayne Reynolds self-portrait of sorts. The picture is uber-cool, the sculpt is super-great, the painting... well... hopefully it does justice to both...


First, look at the background image on this page:



Then look at the figure in 3D - oooh aaaah:

Wayne Reynolds Special Ed.


Lemme know if ya have linkage trouble and I'll post the image directly... I just wanted to guide you from the art to the final product and couldn't do it by directly posting the painted figure in this message.



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I actually knew Wayne (sort of) back before he was doing miniature art, when I asked him to draw me a picture of an RPG character. It was sweet.



Kewl... Some of my favorite stuff has been done for friends...

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