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Gain 2 points from 63 to 65

+1 DV to 1st track

+1 DV to 2nd track




Finally! I've hated that 8 DV on her for ages, especially when the Dervishes she's leading get 9's at half the cost. She's just become heaps more playable.


(Still won't field her without armor, but... :) )

I agree completely. I guess she's worthing painting now that I'll playing her. ::P:


I'm glad to see Sokar's Avatar a little cheaper too. He's a brute, but he's pricy too.

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OK , so have the new point values changed from the new faction book as I'm still wating for it to reach our Aussie shores ( damn distributor) . If it has I'll be cancelling my order . <_<

Yes, the changes I listed above are changes to the faction book.

Dunno why you would cancel your faction book order though. If the only reason you buy a faction book is for the datacards, you can always get those for free online.

Faction books are for fluff, new spells, new equipment, and new army sublists. That's just a simple fact. Army books are NOT for datacards, since like I said, those are free. ^_^

Why would I buy a brand new book just to sick paper in it ? If I wait long enough , half the stuff will get discussed on the boards here . That's not say I'm not dedicated to the game as I have over 350 Warlord figures for 8 different factions plus all the relevent books and suppliments . Eventually Reaper will have to republish the Rule Book and faction books , since now half the data is incorrect . Not everyone has internet access and may never know of changes . Ok, I'm the local BL rep and I've informed the group I play with , of the changes and have printed out the info for those kids who don't have internet access , but there are others around . What about the person living in one the smaller town who goes down to his FLGS and buy the Crusader book for example . He makes up a list and then goes to a tourney just to find out that half of it is wrong . How P...... off is he going to be ? ::o:

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I think the Nefsokar faired the 'best' in the datacard changes, so really there's no reason not to get the army book, if noting else just for the 7 new Nefsokar only clerical spells...they really do rock!


That said now I'm starting to ponder my army more, since I finally have enough models to form over 2k points that gives me plenty of options for smaller games which tends to be the status quo for my FLGS, 750-1000 point games are regular with 1500 being the odd 'big' game as it were, so now to figure out my tactics and such.


Of course first I need to put my Walking Avatar on a large base nstead of the standard sized one it came with, but I saw that in the book already.

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