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Avast Ye, Scurvy Dog!

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Ping me if ya want an ink-friendly PDF with rules and the new stats. I keep creating this for my own use so I have only one source to worry about; I might as well share the thing.


I haven't completely finished formatting it yet, since when you copy & paste the HTML tables all the text in them is Times New Roman (bleah).


So specify if you want it now or if you're willing to wait until I get the fonts fixed to my liking.

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OK, here are the COMPLETE changes from the PDF to the latest datacards:


Captain Razig:

Gain 9 points from 222 to 229


Grim Pete:

Drop 1 point from 55 to 54

Change Troop capacity from '6-10/0' to '6-10/1'


Jackie Bones:

Drop 13 points from 74 to 61

+2 DV on 1st track

+2 DV on 2nd track

+1 DV on 3rd track

-3 MD on 1st track

-3 MD on 2nd track

-1 MD on 3rd track

Removal of all CP stats



Gain 9 points from 85 to 94

Gain 'Defensive Magic' special ability


Zombie Recruit:

Drop 1 point from 33 to 32


Skeletal Crewman:

Drop 2 points from 22 to 20

Drop 'Breaker' special ability

Gain 'Deflect' special ability


Dark Maiden:

Gain 3 points from 250 to 253

Change from Solitaire to Monster

Gain 'Defensive Magic' special ability


Soul Cannon:

Gain 26 points from 49 to 75

Gain 'Gun' special ability

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