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Making terrain

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Looks great for a first run at things. Very useable items in there.


You've already done the first few of my suggestions to terrainmakers... That would include making things as modular as possible, make sure that your hills aren't so steep that minis constantly fall over on it, and take advatnage of light weight items like the pink foam.


I noticed that on your house it looks like you cut the pink foam into blocks and stacked them. Maybe it would work better to just turn it lengthways and cut the whole wall out at one time.


Not sure if your roof is removeable, but suggestion is it is always a cool thing if you can make your roof removeable and the space inside useable (I cant remember what page it is on but there is a whole section on doorway fights in the book).


The paintjob is very serviceable. Yes, you could take it to another level with more work if you want, but tis fine as it is.


Really, only true suggestion I can make is just to keep creating. Nothing like having a full village block or town to play in.

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I definately like the house and wall.



The shingles I touch up the white parts but over all nice job for the first time.


If you are making another roof, I would start with volcanic brown all over so that the whole roof is one color. I would then hightlight the shingles from there.


Is the wall carved or painted on?

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WOW, that didn't take long to get responses.


As for how its made:


The house is 4 pieces of foam with windows and doors and exposes stonework carved out. The texture is wood putty tamped out on coarse sandpaper and painted. The roof is thanks to a hirstarts.com tutorial and the trim is scraps of wood. (and the roof is removable)


The wall and well is foam as well, carved and painted.


The trees are made using the easy trees sticky is this forum.


The hill carved foam and covered in sand from the kids sandbox that I colored and the textured coarse turf on the ground and trees is made of scaps of pink foam I threw in the blender with some color and dried.


The green ground is just a piece of cloth from my wifes sewing box.



I think that covers the items. Keep the critiques coming, I really need to learn where I need to improve.

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I know the shingle technique you mentioned. I have some proto-shingles sitting on the table myself. Looks like you didn't thin the brown base coat enough to get in all the nooks and crannies - I can see lots of white in the full screen pic.


I really like the well and the bit of broken stucco on the house.


The paint job looks a bit flat but that may be because we're all so used to high highlights on everything.


Nicely done!

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WOW, that didn't take long to get responses.

I think it is becuase we don't see as much terrain around here as we do somebody's latest mini paintjob and we're all looking for something to do with all the stuff stockpiled in the corner for that next terrain piece.

Amen to that!

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