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The Minotaur skin looks good. It has some depth to it and the light fur highlights off set nicely.

Eyes are well done.

I like the horns. The crevices show up nicely.

With the glare I can't tell exactly what color the axe blade is.

The static grass is a little flaat, but love seeing minis with flocking. Lots of folks seem to skip that step for some reason.

The only other major suggestion would be to select a different, brighter color on the gauntlets to break upthe mini a bit.

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Ugluk, I've got to stop reading your posts in show off.  If I don't I'm going to be the owner of a new Reven army.  You're not putting subliminal messages in your photos are you?


Excellent paintjob as always.



We do not allow subliminal messages here.


Pictures with subliminal messages would be removed from the boards.


*You will not think about subliminal messages*


*you will not think about subliminal messages*




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I almost despise the beastman sculpts, but you made this one look freaking awesome.



No I will not build a reven army. I might get the hill giant and Kiakara. The goblin beast rider looks nice too. And skralla. Then thats it. Really. I'm not going to bet any beastmen now either. Really.

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