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Crusader Idea


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I've noticed Crusader is getting a TON of new models coming up and I was thinking about something that would be really fun.


As most have noticed, crusaders are going to have tons of calvary. I was thinking a good idea for a solo would be one who rode a pegasus. A flying knight would be incredible. I agree we already have one flying solo, the angel, but just throwing out an idea.

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Nope, just wondering why all cavalry seems to have to be mounted.


And that's all the /teasing you get for now on that. ::D:

Because we aren't Reven and understand the definition of cavalry.


For you orcs:


Main Entry: cav·al·ry

Pronunciation: 'ka-v&l-rE, ÷'kal-v&-rE

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural -ries

Etymology: Italian cavalleria cavalry, chivalry, from cavaliere

1 a : an army component mounted on horseback b : an army component moving in motor vehicles or helicopters and assigned to combat missions that require great mobility

2 : HORSEMEN <a thousand cavalry in flight>

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