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:ph34r::ph34r: Reaper ninja, attack!! :ph34r::ph34r:




Actually, that's not a half-bad idea. Sometimes, too, going to a website like Yahoo and utilizing their Yellow Pages section and just searching for game stores in certain zip codes and what not can be helpful too. I live in Oklahoma, or else I'd be willing to show you how to play. However, that doesn't mean I won't answer any questions you might have. :poke:


Wild Bill :blues:

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Hey Shadowlight, do you have any gaming store that are near you that you know of? The reason I ask is the finding people that are near you to play is only good for people who have regestered.


If you have trouble finding any gaming stores near you, there is one thing you might try. I hope I don't get shot, stabbed, beaten, or anything worst for mentioning this , but you can go on to the GW website and try to locate a gaming store near you. If they sell GW stuff, they just might sell Reaper stuff.


Yeah. There's no gaming stores in Charleston. There's a couple stores that sell a few GW things, but no one that sells any Reaper. One of the stores is expanding so they'll have paint and game tables, but I don't think the gentleman who owns the store will sell Reaper. I couldn't even get him to carry Pirates of the Spanish Main, and now that game is in all the major retailers.


There's a store 60mi away in Beckley that sells Reaper minis, but they don't sell much in the Warlord line, and last I was down there no one played Warlord and they didn't sell any of the Warlord rule books.


Supposedly there's a new game store 60 mi away in another direction in Huntington, but I don't know any details about it. The only store in Huntington that I knew of that carried Reaper products didn't have any gaming tables. It's really hard for me to find weekends where I can take an entire day out to drive an hour to game. That, and it's really hard too, when you're driving an hour to go to a store where no one plays your game.


We have no BL presence in WV or VA, but there are quite few in Ohio.


About that, to do BL demos, do they HAVE to be at a store that carries Reaper products? Every so often I think about trying to sign up, but with no stores locally I just kinda figured that meant that I was out of luck. I would totally understand if you said they had to be at a store that carried the products being demoed. That makes a lot of sense, I just didn't know for certain.


Me (c:

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Yes, to join BL you must have a store that carries Reaper Product. While you can certainly encourage others to play anywhere, the purpose of BL is to promote product awareness and, ultimately, sales.


Asking around here, though, absolutely wonderful.


If the local stores do not carry Reaper, you should ask them to do so. Our figure lines are consistently reported to be in the top 3 sales of miniatures. Sometimes we fluctuate, But Dark Heaven and Warlord (Alongside Confrontation, Warmachine, and GW) are always a big hit.


Your Stores can learn more about what kind of products and deals we can offer them by visiting http://b2b.reapermini.com


Please, invite them to help you - if they will carry Reaper, you can join BL and generate a gaming base and a sales base for them! It's a win-win!

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