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Hello everyone!


As you may or may not have noticed I usually don't post a lot of what I do on the Show Off forums, but since the Artist's Conference is coming up and I'm teaching classes I thought I'd show a few things so people who have absolutely no clue who I am can tell that I at least have a decent grasp on painting in general (shush Anne, don't ruin it for me). I usually let the Reaper Gallery showcase my stuff, the data cards for Warlord (those that I actually painted as opposed to misattributed ones *cough silly Bryan cough*), and my own website. Here are a few of the minis I think I did part or parts well; note that when painting on the clock we're not always given a lot of time to work on a piece, or the time quoted suddenly changes due to deadlines, so I'll highlight which parts of the mini I think are good and which you should look away from. ::D:


First off: NMM with Reborn of Sokar and Wood Elf King. The silver NMM on the Reborn was really rushed, but the gold had a lot of time put into it, and while I'd change the placement of some of the highlights now I think it's fairly good as is. The Wood Elf King's trim and blade are how I usually do my NMM effects on pieces.


Next, color composition with the Wood Elf King and Angel of Vengeance. The King needs more work on the purple (Ok, a lotta work ::D:) and the Angel on her red, but both are good examples of how I normally work with color.


Finally, skin tones with the Angel, Female Bard, and Nerea. While Nerea's the oldest out of the lot I think they're all good reflections on how I normally do faces and skin.


As far as current work goes I haven't had a chance to really crunch down on something at work for a while, but here is a recent piece I painted (with about 15 hours of work into her).




Not my smoothest work, but once again, I'm just trying to show what I can do with paint for those unfamiliar with who that Bonnot guy is ::D:.


Oh, and just to show you where I came from, this is me back in '95 or '96 with my first painted player character ever.



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Ah yes, the Reborn of Sokar. I got to hold that one in my hand over the weekend and get my first lesson in NMM from it. Actually, the lesson came from GE but you know what I mean.


And so far the NMM's going well by the way GE. I've actually had a few hours to sit down and work on it the last couple days. Thanks a bunch!

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No problem; you going to get back into the Asylum this weekend for round 2? ::D:

Not sure if I'll be able to make it this week yet. Hopefully. Have to see what comes up with work and life and all that good stuff. But don't worry, I will return to finish my Jedi training.


And I'll also sneak the technique in on Syphrilla 2.0, which is, for anyone that cares, the Syphrilla I'm gonna paint up to finish before the RAC to gauge my progress over the last year. Syphrilla was the last mini I completed before RAC last year.

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I've had the benefit (or punishment, depending on your viewpoint ::D:) of having Vaitalla stuff painting knowledge between my ears for a year and a half now. She can stuff your head in just a weekend as she tends to repeat herself a lot (ask anyone at Paint Club about taking things to white ::D:). Seriously, having someone to bypass all of the things you shouldn't do and get you started on the ones you should is a great tool. I had only painted a black-primer bronze-detailed red-gemmed army for Another Company's game in the intervening years between Mr. Cleric and a year and a half ago when I started taking lessons from Anne.

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I'll vouch for that GE.


I've been going to Paint club for a little while now. I don't ask questions, but I tend to sit between John and Anne. This does tend to do horrible things to my self-confidence, but I absorb so much good painting advice simply through osmosis.


I also know *WAY* more about paint than any human has a right to.


If you are thinking about going to the RAC, but are wavering, I'd suggest going. It is simply amazing how fast people tend to 'get it' and what strides thay can make in technique by just sitting down with an expert for an hour. The basics of this are not amazingly difficult, but they are hard to write down. Once you see them a couple times in action, it tends to click.


Oh, and you should ask to see his tattoos!



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