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Praying Paladin

Whizard Hlavaz

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Hey, kids.


Here's my latest Reaper piece for you to enjoy. I needed to play with light sourcing for another competition quality piece I'm working on, and this figure struck me as begging for it. The flower's supposed to be a divine source of... I don't know... blessing... goodness... least ways of light. ::D:


Anyhow, the piece taught me what I needed. So, here you go.


Paladin Front



Paladin Back



And that's that. See you again.


-Whiz. ::P:

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Thank you, all. You're seriously far too kind.


Is the "rock" base a disfigured and painted cork or did you get more involved than that?


Yes. The rock is cork. Quick and simple. The moss is superglue and fine ballast.


May I ask how you did the gold? Thats one thing I'm still trying to get the hang of.


Yeah, of course. I painted the gold using a base of Vallejo Model Color Ochre Brown, highlights of VMC Yellow Ochre and White, and shade of Reaper Pro Walnut. I didn't use any transitional mixes but simply glazed each color on using thin layers to achieve the blends.


Thanks for all your kind comments. ^_^



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