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Praying Paladin

Whizard Hlavaz

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I just finished my version of this guy tonight so it's great to see him painted by someone else so soon. I always love to compare and contrast my work with others to see how their "take" on the subject was approached.


My opinions on the mini after painting it for about 10 + hours or so is that it's a very challenging piece to paint and can be frustrating at times dealing with the complexity of the various angles of the plate armor and the unusual pose. You really want to try to bring out the best in the mini because of it's stature, but you really have to push the brush to do it.


You have done well here with the source-lighting especially, it stood out so much that I thought it was actual reflected light. That's great work. In fact, it was probably easier to convey the NMM illusion using the light sourcing that you used than without it.


What I mean by that is, this mini has a ton of metal and sharp angles that really benefit from being lit from below like you've done. The kneeguard on his right leg demonstrates this by catching the light from below. I think the move to play with light sourcing paid off here, especially with a sculpt like this.


Haha, I feel like photographing mine now and posting it so that people can compare the two. Maybe I will. It gave me a great surprise to see this painted up tonight as I just got done painting him tonight. After spending so many hours up close and personal with a piece I absolutely love seeing someone elses rendition of the mini for comparison.


Great work here man, I feel your pain with this piece, it was a challenge to do it up right. What did you end up painting on the little shield on his shoulderpad?

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Hey, DS, bring out your photos! You know I love seeing your work. I've shown you mine, now show me yours! :lol:


Anyhow... I found the NMM to be pretty intuitive once I'd settled on the light sourcing. I think that decision really paid off. I did find the sword to be a real bugger, though. Mine was mis-cast and the tip widened like a bulging drop of water. The fuller was completely distorted, the lines all eskew. I had a real difficult time painting it.


I'd originally painted more of a horizon line but after fighting to finish it properly, painted over it. I just couldn't deal with that sword any longer. Perhaps the good folks at Reaper should have the sword recast if others are dealing with this issue, too. The experience of painting an otherwise B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L sculpt was nearly ruined for me by the sword.


Which brings me to the shield you asked about (you'd have to ask, huh? ::D: )


This piece was abandoned. Out of sheer frustration, I didn't finish the sword as I wanted. I didn't retouch the figure. And I didn't paint the shield. I didn't even take serious photos -- just two quick snaps -- I just didn't care anymore. Hmm... I sound grumpy. LOL. ::P:


I did give the shield a half-hearted attempt at painting a white lotus on it, but I was really frustrated by the sword, so I gave it up. I'll probably just toss a cross or crossed swords or something on it if I feel like it. Probably not even that.


At any rate... I already have a new idea for this sculpt and intend on picking up another (upon which I'll put better paint)... but ONLY if I can find a version with a good sword. As a separate piece of the model, there isn't any reason it should be so distorted. If I can't find a good version, there are other kneeling figures I can use for the piece I've thought of.


Ok then. Enough babble. Bring on your piece!


And thanks again, all, for the *very* kind commentary on this half-hearted piece. This community is *too* kind. Probably why I likes you all so much. :;):

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